Write With Me (If You Want)

Below are two writing challenges I’m going to start soon! I wanted to post them in case any of you are feeling like you need/want to journal more (or if you wanted to start journaling). I wanted to use these as a way to jumpstart my regular writing. I have a few things written already from months back, but as I’m rereading them, they aren’t that interesting. *lol* Well, one post that has been sitting in my drafts for about… 3 years? … is my blog about spirituality/God. I may finally post that one. It is long though, so I may have to break it up into a two-parter. But that draft is the only one that I’m probably going to the post. The others are a little on the boring side, so I thought this challenge would get me going again. So, I’m going to use some of these prompts, in no particular order, to help me.

On a side note, I started another blog where I get a little more creative (poems, short stories, etc). I want to build it up a bit though (I don’t have too much there yet), so once I get it going, I’ll share the link!

Anyway, here are the writing prompts. Some of these topics are…old (see Day 15 of 30)… and some might seem a little juvenile(?). Funny, my search kept leading me to writing prompts for school-aged kids. What about the adults that need prompts!? Maybe I should write a writing challenge!!! Hmmm, methinks I should make that a post! What do you guys think? Ok, expect some weekly writing after my next therapy session (May 28th).





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