This Doesn’t Make Sense!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t edit this much. I wrote this super fast. There are probably errors. So as I always say, “typos hurt me more than they hurt you.” #writerlife 


So….what just happened last night?

Did we elect… wait… not we. I’m not including myself or those of you who voted for Hillary. Let’s start again. You mean to tell me, some fools in this country elected a guy who is racist, sexist, misogynist and a slew of other things that are terrible as PRESIDENT!? Like, president of the United State of America…OUR country. I’d say I’m speechless, but I’m not that speechless. I’ve had a variety of thoughts about this and since I have a blog, I had to come here and share!

Similar to the title of this post, this post may not make sense. I really didn’t plan on writing a blog today, but I just had too many thoughts. So this may come across as a stream of consciousness.

Sooooo, we just elected an orange racist for president. Nice. *SIGH*

I just can’t believe so many people in this country actually supported this man to begin with. I still don’t believe anyone who was/is college-educated supported him. Yet there is some data stating that along with a large uneducated base, there was also a percentage of white, college-educated men that supported him. That’s a little crazy, but I’m going to assume that those college-educated dudes were/are sexist. I can’t imagine DJT’s non-policies appealed to them. I’m going to go with my gut and say they probably couldn’t handle a female president.

Ya know….I don’t get sexism. I don’t get that shit at all. I don’t get racism either at this point, but I REALLY don’t get sexism. I don’t go around stating that I’m a feminist, but clearly, I support equality amongst men and women (equal pay for equal work, for one). I don’t get how white men are still in this mindset that women can’t be their equals. Like what the hell?! Women have been attending college, succeeding in careers in ALL sorts of fields, becoming CEOs of companies, etc. And yet, there are WM who don’t believe that we can handle it, that we shouldn’t be leaders, that we shouldn’t make more (or the same amount of) money than them and the list goes on! Oh, but they are perfectly fine with women having their children, raising them, keeping the home…essentially being the typical housewife of yesteryear. When is this old school of thought going to die? The fragility of white men is SAD! Get over it! Times have changed!! What part of that don’t they get? Like, don’t working men want women to work and bring home another check? I mean, why do these men think they still need to be the sole providers? Are egos that big?? I don’t get it. It’s weird.

And gosh, do I even start with racism? Look, I’ve written two posts about racism and why it exists and why it’ll continue to exist. That doesn’t mean it’s not annoying that there is seemingly a large majority of people in this country that are still racist as hell. It’s like, being against another race is so dumb. Do they even think about where that gets them in life? It gets them nowhere.

While there are plenty of people who are racist, I tend to focus on the poor, white people the most. Why? Because they CONSTANTLY blame the government for everything wrong in the country. Don’t get me wrong, I think the gov’t has its issues for sure! However, I don’t understand their thinking (AT ALL) and I know this is why they want to support him. They think Hillary and types like her, are responsible for ALL of their issues. It’s so funny…and by funny I mean, it’s sad and frustrating. It’s frustrating because I know these same people think poor and low-income Black families rely on the government heavily, hence why they (poor whites) can’t get ahead. It’s all a blame game with them. Blame the government for everything is their mantra. A mantra that doesn’t make sense because they keep voting for the GOP, who in turn keep screwing them over. These same folks (and the GOP) think the Dems keep minorities down. Yet, they don’t see how the GOP keeps THEM down. But they don’t understand one thing: systemic racism. That’s a whole other story that’s too long for me to rant about now.

*sigh*…. See, THIS is why education is important. I know college isn’t for everyone, but honestly, to live in today’s world, we NEED it. Even a semester of college would be so helpful…it’s SOMETHING beyond high school. And maybe if our public K-12 system were stronger, I wouldn’t push so hard for people to go to college (actually, I still would). But it’s clear that right now, our public education system isn’t great and with Drumpf, it probably won’t even exist much longer! omg… that’s terrifying to think about….my stomach just turned. But since our public k-12 isn’t the best, we need to push for kids to go to college. Yesterday’s vote is what happens when we have a lot of highly uneducated (and highly uninformed) people voting…who live in a bubble. And many of us live in bubbles, but there is a big difference between those bubbles.

But education is everything….and it’s not just what I feel people can learn in college, it’s the opportunity for people to be around more diverse people. College is so much more than just the classroom. Even if folks went to community college, they’d still be exposed to people not like them…they’d hear ideas unlike their own, etc. I could literally write a dissertation length post on the importance of education and how it could seriously help our county. But if you went to college (and many of you reading this did attend), then think about all of the things you learned in and out of the classroom. Just the notion of being exposed to different ideas is SO HELPFUL!! Goodness, can you imagine if the folks who are more conservative, met and became friends with people who have more liberal views? I’m not saying the conservative person would change their ideals/views on everything, but maybe they’d stop and think about what their liberal friends say. It’s like, because of the exposure I’ve had to various views, I can at least understand where conservative people come from. I can think logically about it. I’m still going to remain liberal, but at least I can entertain other viewpoints. When low-income folks (white, black, etc) are not exposed to that because they can’t afford college or they simply don’t want to go, their worldview becomes soooo small. And then people become frightened by anything that’s not their “norm” or within their worldview. Why do you think so many of DJT’s supporters are scared of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that’s not like them? And they were always this way before DJT came along. Can’t blame DJT for creating this fear…it was always there, he just gave them a voice. And that’s the scary part.

If you’ve watched any of this rallies, the racist chants alone make me very fearful. Hopefully where we live, we will be ok. But for anyone living in southern red states, good luck. Honestly, if I were living in a red state, I’d think about moving. No joke. With Drumpf, people are going to become super bold. It’s not going to be pretty. Oh goodness and all those open carry states….. Lord Jesus, keep them safe.

I’m sorry this is all over the place, but I’m sure you all understand and feel the same way. I don’t see how his presidency will be a good one. I don’t want to listen to him at all. I thought Dubya was a terrible speaker…nope. DJT is much worse. I can’t listen to him at all. He’s so foul and unappealing. And I’m pretty sure he’s lying 100% of the time. Yes, 100%!! Policies are important, but so is a person’s character. Drumpf’s character is awful. Like, if you voted for him, how could you be friends with a person like him? Would you want him around your family? Your children? That audio that was released where he talked about grabbing women by their genitals….. I don’t care if that’s “locker room” talk…. he STILL SAID IT! I don’t know how any woman voted for this d-bag. Seriously??? He’s a disgusting human being and the more I type, the more sick I become at the thought that he’s now going to be the leader of our country. I feel like sorry for all of us who loved the Obamas. We went from our first Black president to the first president endorsed by white supremacists. ?????

I’m sad. That’s all I can say. I’m trying to take the high road here, but he’s not worthy of it. I don’t agree with GOP policies at all, but there were candidates that I could have at least respected. It was crazy because at one point, I thought Rand Paul would’ve been a good president (I KNOW!). And I don’t know much about what he’s done, but during the primaries, he sounded reasonable. Hell, even Mitt Romney sounded reasonable back in the day. I could’ve respected him if he had won. But Drumpf (this is his real name, if you’re wondering why I’m calling him this)…. I don’t think I can respect someone that doesn’t respect others. I don’t know if I can respect someone that blatantly called a group of people “rapists and murderers”. Like, he called a whole group of people this!!! WHO DOES THIS!?!?! Sickening. I’m just sick.

Today, I will continue to be baffled and sad. Tomorrow, I will move on. Or try to. But not today. I will be upset, sad, angry, frustrated and contemplate moving out of the U.S. (And no, I don’t want to move to Canada because I’m not down for that winter.)




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