Jinx-ing Myself, Health Stuff, etc.

Note to self: Do not brag about not being sick for 2-3 years because when you eventually get sick, you will be really upset. Like, REALLY upset. And you will be super miserable. 😦

It’s been two weeks since I received my first flu shot EVER. And it’s been two weeks since I’ve been ridiculously sick. I’ve just been praying for the Lord to take this away from me!!! It has not been fun by any means. It started out pretty slow…slight sore throat, a little nasal congestion. That was all. Not bad. I was fine. Then, it took a turn. I was severely congested with crazy sinus pressure. My ears were plugged up (still are, but getting better). Then, the coughing started. I was coughing so badly, my throat got super sore. I could barely swallow and couldn’t talk for a few days. When I say I haven’t been sick like this in a long time, it’s literally been YEARS since I’ve been this sick.

Thankfully, I had to see my doctor for a follow-up appointment (to get some results from my lab tests and an x-ray on my ankle). Obviously, we “discussed” my sickness (I had to whisper). *smh* He said it’s likely I had a virus inside me before I got the flu shot because you’re not supposed to get sick from the shot. At that point, it had been exactly one week since I got the shot, so he said any side effects from the shot should have subsided by now. Great.

Well, after we talked about that, we discussed my labs, etc. I had the usual checks done on my cholesterol, blood sugar, etc done. Everything was fine, but there were a few things I have to work on. Folks, getting older is something else, I tell ya! They don’t tell you how your body changes as you get older and you have to be in a position to deal with those changes.

First, I discovered I have a heel spur! I’m like, what the hell?! I have a heel spur on my right heel. It’s like a growth of bone. Something like that…look it up *lol* Anyway, it’s connected to ligaments and such, thus giving me some pain my outside ankle joint. I have to get some arch supports to help take the pressure off it. It’s been fine since I haven’t been working out. But I know once I get back into the gym regularly, it’ll start giving me issues. I actually have some really great running shoes from a running store where they fit your foot properly that I use for working out. So those shoes work great and I don’t have pain. But it’s all of my other shoes I have to deal with. I’m going to have to start paying more attention to the type of shoes I buy. I believe the days are gone that I buy those cute sandals with no support. UGH…getting older suuuucksssss. 😦 But I’ll be ok. If anyone has any suggestions of cute, supportive shoes (I have really flat feet), holler. #thanks 

So, both my cholesterol and blood sugar was a little high. Those were the two main things. My thyroid levels were a bit elevated, so he’s going to have me come back in several months to see how that’s looking. My mom has thyroid issues, so it’s likely I’m developing them as well. But let’s hope not!

Friends, I was surprised by this because when I tell you I eat well, I eat WELL. Currently, I’ve been on an exercise plan, so I’ve tweaked my diet (diet = my normal eating, not a diet plan) to accommodate this exercise plan. The exercise plan I’m doing is a combo of weightlifting and cardio. It’s a great program and if any of you are interested, holla. I’ve been on this plan for 7 weeks. I’m now behind a week because I’ve been sick. But I’m feeling better now, so I’ll be back on it today (Monday). Well, not RIGHT back on it. I have to ease back into it, but I’m gonna be in the gym for sure. I have 5 more weeks to complete, so I’m determined to finish it.

The foods I eat support this program, but they’re also foods I’ve been eating regularly for years now. I’ve blogged about this before, but for those not in the know, I have been eating healthy since I was 22. I changed my eating habits dramatically back then because I gained a significant amount of weight and wanted to lose it. In the last 3-4 years, I’ve been even more focused on eating real, whole foods, as well as doing a lot of reading about nutrition, exercise, etc.

Quick story time: I used to eat fast food 2-3 times a day when I got out of college. No joke. No exaggeration. I did NOT cook. I made cereal and sandwiches, and drank TONS (omg, TONS) of Minute Maid juices. I’d have 3-4 cartons of some sort of juice in my ‘frig at ALL TIMES! *LOL* I was living terribly!!! Every meal I had was from any of following places: Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, McD’s, KFC, Hungry Howies (Mich peeps know what’s up), and just about any other fast food place you can name. I’d literally eat Wendy’s for breakfast, go back to Wendy’s for lunch, then go home and have pizza for dinner. EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE FOR A YEAR! Oh, and of course I did NOT work out.

*sigh* How am I alive???

Well, those days are gone. LONG gone, thank God. I gained a lot of weight back then and decided to change my life. And that’s where we are now. Now, I cook most meals. Our ‘frig is full of fresh veggies, fruit, almond milk, organic chicken, wild salmon, no dairy (just temporarily), whole wheat and sprouted breads. The cupboards are full of all kinds of beans, quinoa, lentils, brown rice, brown rice or quinoa pastas. When I tell you I’ve done a 180 with my diet, I mean it. I drink a green smoothie every day (now a protein green smoothie to support my weightlifting) and I typically add flax meal (ground flaxseeds) to that for omega-3 and fiber. Yes, I’m all about that healthy living and eating now. If you want to be on this Earth for as long as possible and live well, you have to make changes to how you live and eat.

So given all of this, I’m REALLY unclear as to how my cholesterol and blood sugar are high! Not HIGH, but higher than it should be. Thank God I don’t need medication. And since I’d like to keep it that way, I need to make changes. OH! I didn’t mention this, but I’ve also cut sugar drastically too. The only sugar I’m getting at this point is fruit sugar. (Well, I’ve been having tons of honey recently for my throat). I don’t even add sugar to my coffee. Again, I’ve cut it mainly because of this exercise program I’m on, to really see if I can cut as much fat as possible. But once a week, I do have a little treat. 🙂  #iEatBetterButIStillLikeDonuts #andicecream #andcookies #andallthetreats #iReallyLoveTreats 😀

I don’t know what changes I’m going to make because I feel like I eat awesome. More veggies? Watch the fruit intake? (Fruit sugar is better than refined [white] sugar, but it’s still sugar. Remember: Sugar is sugar is sugar. I don’t care if you eat ALL the fruit. It’s fruit. It’s healthy. BUT it’s still sugar! Everything in moderation, friends.) #trustme #iReadALOTAboutSugar

Well, I’m off to the gym. Talk soon. Be well. Stay safe. ❤




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