Story Time: Part 5 –

My last story ended with me telling you that I’d recount a story about my first boyfriend. I’ll try not to make this too long. I feel like I could drone on and on about it because we just had a crazy relationship. But as they say, you never forget your first love, right? So, here we go.

I started dating David (Dave) in high school. I was a 9th grader (14, soon to turn 15) and he was in 11th grade (17).

Can I stop here for a minute and say that, if we are blessed to have another daughter, I will be sure to tell her that dating at age 14 is really crazy. Whenever I think about this time in my life, I can only think about how STUPID I was to date so young!!! And my parents, bless them, they actually let me do this (begrudgingly). *smh* Anyway…

Dave was from Detroit. In fact, he lived about 5 minutes away from me at the time. I was surprised because most of the kids at my school lived in the ‘burbs. I can’t remember how we started talking, but as I’ve said before, my high school was very, very small (200 kids in the entire place), so when all is said and done, you end up knowing everyone. I believe Dave was in my algebra class. I think that’s how we first met…maybe? It might’ve been another class, now that I think about it. *lol* He was generally liked by a lot of people in his grade, as well as in other grades. He was very well liked by a lot of the girls in my class. Some thought he was a bit of a bum though. He used to dress a little sloppy and just had this slightly disheveled look. Once I got to know him, I’d find out why.

In order to make this story MUCH shorter, I’ll skip to we started dating.

{pause} Completely forgot to mention an important detail, but Dave was white. *lol* I’m sure you figured that out from previous posts, but just in case…

We started dating in the winter of my freshmen year…perhaps right before Christmas break? Dave hung around these two other guys in his grade (who were also from Detroit), so the four of us hung out quite a bit after school. Dave was a sweet guy, but definitely a little rough around the edges. He came from a broken home life, so that often took a toll on him. He missed a lot of school because he was often kicked out of the house for various reasons. His mom had remarried by the time I had met him and he did NOT like his stepfather. It was interesting in that, he grew up in Detroit, a predominantly Black city, went to predominantly Black schools up until I met him and yet, his parents seemed surprised that he brought home a Black girl. Like, word? Like, do you not know your son? *lol* They were nice, but I didn’t get super warm and fuzzy feelings from them either.

My parents weren’t exactly thrilled either though. But umm, they’re the ones that put me in a white school, so there’s that!

Our relationship was decent, but after a while we started to fight all the time, usually due to his endless flirting. Dating Dave was quite the adventure though. I did a lot of things I probably wouldn’t have done had we not dated. For example, I snuck out of the house at night several times to be with him. I skipped school a few times also to meet up with him. How? Well, this is 1992, so no cell phones and such. So he’d call me in the morning before school (I had my own phone line, ha!) to tell me he wouldn’t be in school. He’d tell me he’d come pick me up a block away from school. In order to leave school, I’d write myself a doctor’s note to leave around 1pm and that I would not be returning for the day (we got out at 2:25pm, so no point). My school was none the wiser. I mean, at my school, you could turn in a note written by your parents at the start of the day saying you’d have to leave for (insert your excuse) and you could leave! They didn’t call home to verify because, hey, the note was from your parents, right? *LOL* I mean, it was SO easy to skip my school! And ya’ll know this a good ol’ Catholic school. 🙂  So there’s a lesson for you parents out there. Be sure to check your kid’s school policies about leaving for the day, particularly when they’re in h.s.. *lol* And no, my parents don’t know I did that to this day! Ha! #goodtimes 

At one point, Dave got into some trouble and went to jail for a few months. *smh* Long story short: Some dude broke into his car to steal his obnoxious speakers. He somehow figured out who did it…some dude that lived in his neighborhood. So he went and broke into the dude’s car to steal them back. He got caught. Went to jail. It was SO CRAZY. He’d call my house from jail. Of course, my parents were soooooo NOT thrilled I was still dating this fool. *smh*


Dave and I eventually broke up because he cheated on me so many times. Most of those times happened when we broke up (but I know he was sneaking around when we were back together, too). Every time we broke up (too many to count), he was messing with someone else. And because my school is small, word always got back to me. It was annoying. The last straw was when I found out he was dating one of my good friends on my cheer squad. That made things SO HORRIBLE for my friend and I. So I finally gave up. I was like, girl, you can have that piece of crap!! I was stupid for always going back to him anyway. I was 15, what did I know? It taught me a valuable lesson though. DON’T CHASE ANYONE! If they want to be with you, they’ll be with you. No chasing. Pointless. Waste of time. Even as an adult, I never chased. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Fast forward to my Christmas vacation during my freshman year at Michigan….

I’m home, chilling. House phone rings. I pick up.

Man: “Hello, is Tracey there?”
Me: *confused face* “This is she.”
Man: “Hey. This is Dave.”

My heart flew into my throat. I hadn’t spoken to Dave since the end of my freshmen year in HIGH SCHOOL!! It was surreal. Apparently, he found my number, started thinking about me and wanted to see how I was doing. We chatted for a short time, but during that conversation, he apologized for how he treated me. He said that I was “the one that got away” and he was sorry he messed up so many times with me, etc. I didn’t have any words for him though. I didn’t care how he felt. I told him his words were sweet, but that’s life. Things happen for a reason.

(Update: When I was still on Facebook, I saw that he Liked a picture I was tagged in from h.s. I couldn’t resist taking a look at his page. Found out he started his own plumbing company. I was happy to see that because I sorta thought he wouldn’t really make a life for himself. He just always in some sort of trouble, even after we broke up.)

I could go into SO much more with our relationship, but I’ll keep it short (not really). And it’s taken me wayyyyy too long for me to get this blog up.

Next story time will be about college. But I’ll probably take a break from story time and write about some other things first. Maybe a blog on what’s going on with life and such.

Alrighty, I’m done talking. ✌🏾





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