What’s Up, Buttercups!?

I really had all intentions to write more consistently. Then, I started working out and getting more serious about getting into shape. That doesn’t really explain why I couldn’t write though *lol* I guess I just got focused on reading up on health and fitness stuff, rather than writing.

I have been working on a post, I just haven’t returned to it as often as I wanted to in recent weeks. I haven’t forgotten about “story time”, so it’s coming. (I know, you guys are dyyyyying to read it!) It’ll be about my first boyfriend in high school. I think it’ll be a good story. I think it’s a good example of how when we think we are in love with someone, only to find out we don’t love them at all. That was definitely me with my first boyfriend. He was a MESS, as in, he went to jail for a few months. *smh* But supposedly, I was soooooo in love. I would’ve done anything for that guy. *sigh* So stupid. Anyway…you’ll read it soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, then  you know I’ve been working out a lot. I’m hitting the gym 5 days/week now. I’m following a program that moves into “phase 2” next week, which means 6 days/ week I’m in the gym. Oy! I’ve been working on my diet too because that’s the biggest challenge. I’ve been reading this metabolism book that has been beyond enlightening when it comes to how our bodies function. I’m hoping with this combination of exercise and diet, I’ll get the body I really desire. I’m also hoping that this new plan of action sets me up for the future. I don’t think enough of us think about it, but one day, we’ll all be in our 50s and 60s. And, as my mother says a lot these days, “God-willing”, we’ll all be in our 70s, 80s and 90s! I think being in the hospital made me really think about how I do NOT want to end up there again later in life because I haven’t been taking care of myself. Reading the metabolism book opened my eyes to how, if we take care of our bodies, we can do a lot to avoid chronic illness and disease. I’ve read a TON of information on health over the past three years (I could legit teach some classes) and I whole-heartedly believe that what we feed our bodies is the key to long life. But not only do we need to feed our bodies the proper foods, but we need to make sure we move our bodies daily (if not daily, then 3-4 times per week).

I don’t want to get preacher-y, but serious guys, we gotta eat well and move our bodies! If you’re slacking off, it’s ok. Just get up the next day and get back on track. I’ve been on/off track for the past few years. But I’m ready to get on track and stay there. I HATE starting over with exercise. I also hate falling off track with how I eat, but I’m much better at that than with exercise. I’ve been so inspired by the healthy folks I’m following on Instagram and I just keep thinking, “Yeah, I need to get that life.” I’m very interested in creating a certain type of body, one that I’ve never had in life. And I’m really interested in making sure I live a long, healthy life. I don’t want to be at risk for diseases and ailments as I get older.

I see firsthand with my parents, what happens when you don’t take the best care of yourself. My father recently had a knee replacement. He is doing better, but he has arthritis in his knee, so he’ll continue to have a bit of a struggle to walk. My mother is diabetic. BUT she is super awesome at taking care of herself (mainly because of another health issue she acquired back in her 40s). Some people think that something like arthritis can’t be avoided, that it just happens because of age. But with proper diet and exercise, it can be avoided. There are so many things that can be done to keep your joints healthy! And we all know that Type 2 diabetes can be avoided as well. I just want to set myself up for a good future. I’ll be turning 38 in 11 days, so I’m much closer to 40. I want to be in the best health ever by the time I reach that milestone and going forward.

Alright, so I got preacher-y. My bad *lol* But I realized, I want to become that person that is really into health. I think I’ve been a bit scared to admit that to myself and definitely to others. But screw it. I’m going to be a health-nut. It’s important to me. I see too many people dying because of things they could’ve prevented if they lived a healthier lifestyle. So, if you’re not exercising and/or eating well, think about your future. Think about how you want to be when you’re older. If you have kids, do you want to be around for your grandchildren? Of course you do! Do you want to still be able to travel and get around without help when you’re in your 70s, 80s, etc? Of course you do! There’s some amazing inspiration out there if you need it. Instagram, Pinterest and maybe, just maybe…some of your friends (!!) can inspire you to make some changes to ensure a healthy future. 🙂  Last note: Seriously, if you don’t drink a lot of water, DRINK IT! I hated water (still do, sorta), but I make sure to get it in. If you drink half of your bodyweight in ounces of water…you will feel AMAZING!!!! Also, staying hydrated prevents so many issues. For example, if you (or other family members) are prone to colds, start drinking more water. Your body is more susceptible to colds when you aren’t properly hydrated. I haven’t had a cold in like 3 years. No joke. DRINK WATER!!! 🙂

I’ll get back to story time next week!


Your Friendly Health Nut Advocate



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