hiii there,

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I was trying to wait another week to blog, but it’s already been so long. So let’s get into it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen a video and a pic regarding my surgery. If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I have fibroids. Well, had them. NO MORE, baby!! Wooooohoooo!!! Ya girl is now fibroid freeeee!

If you’ve been keeping up, then you know that I had been planning to get my fibroids out. Well that day finally came a week ago! Yay! But first, let me tell you how good the Lord is and how everything works according to His plan.

Back when we were in NY, I was given information from an OB for a surgeon for fibroid removal. In a nutshell, I couldn’t get in contact with this surgeon. She was out of town (my OB told me this, but told me to call anyway to find out when she’d return). I called and the staff literally…LITERALLY…had no clue when the surgeon was supposed to return. It was SO weird. They ended up telling me to call back in a month, but said they still may not know if they’d have more info by then!

Umm, what? *enter confused smiley face*

When the time came, I didn’t call back. I had taken the time to research. I read articles on the internet. I talked to women who had fibroids and got pregnant. I talked to women who had fibroid surgery. After that, I decided to go forward with attempting to get pregnant with the fibroids.

Fast forward to last year/now.

My current OB suggests a surgeon for me to see. I call this surgeon’s office and was literally on hold for 10 minutes trying to make an appointment. Mind you, no one had placed me on hold. I was on hold after selecting the appropriate option from the automated recording menu. I hung up and decided to try again another time. Well, the next time I called, maybe 2-3 days later, I was on hold (from the automated recording) for about 3 minutes. I couldn’t hold on longer because I was trying to run errands. I hung up irritated, but told myself I’d call back. When I returned home, I went to call again, but didn’t. Something made me stop. The thought, “Read the reviews” popped up in my head. I realized, “Hey, I haven’t even read reviews or researched this doctor”. Then I realized I hadn’t done the same for the NY surgeon either. I ALWAYS research doctors these days. The internet is wonderful, isn’t it? 🙂

So instead of calling, I got online and to my shock… this surgeon had HORRIBLE reviews!!!! Guys, I was floored. Most of the reviews were based on women not being able to get through to anyone in the office. And this wasn’t just for appointments. No, these were also women who had HAD surgery, trying to ask the doc/nurse questions post-surgery. After reading that, I said no. Too many red flags. That’s terrible. Some of the patients were cancer patients (this surgeon was actually a gynecological oncologist) and that just didn’t sit well with me. Seriously, it was just awful to read those reviews from those patients. So I decided to seek help elsewhere.

Luckily, a friend of mine was in the same situation as me, and was searching for a doc to remove her fibroids. As I was sear trying to get through that horrible doctor, she had already found a doc, went to a consultation and scheduled a surgery. After her surgery, she told me he was great. She told me to look him up, but essentially told me this surgeon was a top doc in the area. So, I looked him up. Guys. GUYS! He had AMAZING reviews!! Like, AMAAAAZING. I called immediately and got an appointment. I went to the consultation and he was great. He isn’t the most…personable (which I already knew from my friend and reviews), but he was nice. He was just serious, which isn’t bad to me. I want someone serious because hello!, this is a big deal. After seeing him, a nurse called me a few days later and we set up my surgery.

And here we are. The surgery went very well. The staff was wonderful! My anesthesiologist happened to be a Michigan alum (Go Blue!)  I was nervous, but clearly, I was in good hands. I had a HUGE fibroid, among others, that he was able to remove through the tiniest incision. His technique is actually something he came up with (along with his wife who is also an OB). It’s really amazing. I’m feeling good now (it’s been 10 days) and I have just a slight bit of pain…well…discomfort, in the area. I’m able to move around and everything. Still taking it easy though. I have to see him for post-op appointment next week. I’m sure everything will go well since I’m doing very well. I just feel like, everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Yes, we endured quite a trial with everything, but I just feel like we had to go through it to get to where we are now.

Well, that’s my story for the day. Sorry it’s been a while. I’m going to get back into the blogging swing of things soon.

Talk later,



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