Writing Challenge 8 : How Have You Changed?

How have you changed in the last two years? 

DISCLAIMERI want to make sure I get this post up TODAY, so I’m not going to spend a ton of time editing. So if you see any grammatical/spelling errors, remember: Errors hurt me more than they hurt you. 🙂  #writer

I saw this challenge and felt it kind of touched upon some thoughts I’d been having lately. You know me, I’m always in my head (too much). Thinking about how I’ve changed in the last two years is actually pretty interesting. Sometimes, as we go about our daily lives, I think we miss a lot of the changes we’ve gone through from year to year. And it’s easy to do, as many of us are caught up in our job/careers, family, and other things that randomly come up. One thing that I’ve begun realizing more and more is that…how do I put this…I realized I needed to be more concerned about MY life. I realized this when I decided to get rid of Facebook.

Getting rid of that has been BEYOND liberating. O.M.G. I cannot say enough how I’ve been absolutely FREED from a lot of worry, anxiety, etc that was caused by the info on that site. In the last few years, I felt like all I did was look at FB and think about why I’m not like this person or that person. “Why don’t I have _________” was a thought I had almost daily. I started seeing how tiring it was and how unproductive it made me. I’m sure you’ve all seen the plethora of articles written about how social media can have a negative impact on your life. I read those articles and agreed with them, yet didn’t realize the impact social media had on me. As I read those articles, I sorta thought I was immune to it all. But guess what? I wasn’t.

After I left FB, I was STILL affected by it at first. I found myself thinking about what was going on with people, which further proved the point that I was heavily influenced by it. I started thinking, “Why do I care so much about ‘xyz’? “Why do I care what so-and-so is doing?” That’s not a good way to live. But we all do it, right? Nowadays with so many people sharing everything, it’s hard to stay completely focused on what we need to do in our lives. I know I’ve said this before, but in regards to this challenge, I think I’ve changed (and still changing) how I take in information. I’m trying to be more concerned about what I’M doing as an individual and stay focused on the goals I have for MY life. I’ve learned (and am learning) that what others have going on in their lives, is not what’s best for me. This all makes sense when I say aloud, but I think when you focus on other things and people, you can lose this common sense very easily.

I’m going back through to edit as I type and I know this post sounds vague. *lol* I’m sorry for that, but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying here. The past two years have shown me that I will get absolutely nowhere thinking about anything other than what I need to be doing in my life.

In short: I need to stay in my lane.


p.s.  I’ve been working on another post that will hopefully be coming out on Friday! Be on the lookout! ❤



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