Weird Encounter

I’m going to admit something to you. I’m a scaredy cat. Yes, I fear the most ridiculous things in life. Case in point:

Yesterday, I’m at the gym. I had just finished on the bike and was heading to the treadmill, when an older Black woman came into the gym. I was in the process of wiping off my bike when she came up to me. I was startled because I had my headphones on, so I didn’t know she had come up to me at first. I removed them and we had this exchange:

Lady: Hi. Uhh, do you live here?

Me: (hesitate) Yes.

Lady: Oh ok. I saw you around…

<Thinking: What?!? I think she meant saw me “around” here in the gym just now. Ok. Don’t freak out.> 

Lady (continues): …my daughter just moved here…can I ask you some personal questions?


At this moment, I’m freaked out. Like, I’m smiling in her face but in my head, I’m like, WHAT THE F&^K!?! Seriously, I’m thinking, what is about to happen right now. Am I about to get punked? Am I about to get hit in the face?? A million things ran through my brain because… I’m a scaredy cat! Who just comes up to you and asks, “Can I ask you some personal questions?” Note, she said “some questions”. Like, more than one. More than a few. SOME!  

Me: (reluctantly) Sure.

Lady: Are you single?


?????????????? I’m not even going to lie. I totally thought she was going to try and set me up with her daughter or something!! I don’t know why I thought that, but I just did!

Me: No, I’m married (smiling nervously, trying to remain cool)

Lady: Ohhh ok (disappointed). My daughter just moved here and I was trying to help her find friends. I noticed…there aren’t a lot of… (whispers) black people in this building.

Me: (more comfortable, but still weirded out) Ohh yeah…no, there are some of us here, but not a lot. Did your daughter just move to the area?

Lady: No, she’s been here, but she’s new to Tysons.

Me: Oh I see.

Lady: I live in Florida, so I’m just visiting.

Me: Oh, how long are you here? (I asked, but didn’t care. I know. I’m a horrible person, but I seriously didn’t care, but I was trying to be nice because she’s just trying to find friends for her daughter. Which is weird. But I digress.)

Lady: I’m here for the week.

Me: Ohhh nice! Well enjoy your time here! (heading to the treadmill)

Lady: Thank you. My name is Freddie.

Me: (damnit!) I’m Tracey

Lady: Nice meeting you.

Me: Same here.

I make my way to the treadmills. Annnnnd she follows. 😦

I’ve got my headphones back on, and I’m trying to set up my machine when I see her get on a treadmill. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her lean forward. She’s waving her hand to grab my attention and she’s saying something. I take out my headphones.

Freddie: What floor do you live on?


No. Just NO! NO. NO. NO. NO. You don’t ask what floor I’m on, lady! Just noooooooooo. Seriously? I’m not going to tell you how much I wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t feel comfortable sharing that”. But that would be rude and I knew she was being nice. But seriously? SERIOUSLY. I will fully admit that I watch too much TV and too many movies, so all I thought was, I’ve got to protect myself. I don’t know who this sweet, little old(er) lady is, but I’m not even about to say what floor I’m on.


Freddie: (disappointed) Oh, ok, she’s on the fifth.

Glad I lied. But not glad I lied. Ya know what I mean? I lied and I feel good, but I don’t either. I’m happy because I feel like I protected myself. But I feel bad because she’s a mom just trying to find friends for her daughter.

Can we talk about that…how she’s trying to find friends for her daughter?

Like, whaaa? Is she for real? Like, is this real life?? If my mom told me she found me a friend, I think… no, no, I’m pretty sure I’d be mortified. MORTIFIED. I totally get that it’s a mom trying to be nice, but ummm, considering where we live, I’m assuming her daughter probably is a grown ass adult with a pretty decent job. Meaning, I’m pretty sure her daughter isn’t young and in college. No students live here and if they do, then they’re BALLIN’ because yeah, this building ain’t cheap. So, I’m guessing her daughter is a fully grown adult and I’m just confused as to why she’s helping her meet people. Folks, my full introvert came right outta me and thought, “Hmm, this girl can’t find her own friends?” Or rather, her mom doesn’t think her daughter can find friends, so what does that say/mean about the daughter? I don’t know.

All I know is, I was f-r-e-a-k-e-d out. Freaked. I know, I know. I’m probably crazy for freaking, but dude…DUDE. I’m sure my full Detroiter came out too, because where I’m from, you don’t just rollllll up on folks she did! Nah, son! You don’t just roll up to a stranger and ask, “Can I ask you SOME personal QUESTIONS?” NO! NO, NO, NO.  *smh*

Just thought I’d share this with you. Has this happened to any of you? If so, please share with me. Maybe I’m wrong for this reaction, lol. Orrrrr, maybe I’m just not trying to get GOT out in these (pretty safe NoVA) streets! *lol*



6 thoughts on “Weird Encounter

  1. Hahahahaha! Nah, son is right! Tracey you’re “spider senses” (the hubby’s terminology) was spot on!!! Michael had to school me about be more “street smart.” Also, it’s one thing to be helpful and friendly but DAAAAANG! Keep your intuitive and good judgement ticking and you won’t get GOT!! LOL!

    • LOL thanks Karen! I may have overreacted (in my head), but I was so taken aback by her asking me what she did! I would just never ask a stranger those questions. It was too weird (for me).

  2. This is priceless! I can’t relate to the barrage of personal questions, however, I have had people occupy my personal space without me first seeing them! ZONE OF COMFORT PLEASE! I gave a homeless woman a full lecture on why she shouldn’t do this to people after I turned around and she was practically inhaling my carbon dioxide.
    It pissed me off, made me extremely uncomfortable and I didn’t want to give her anything!

    • Oh that would piss me off too! When we lived in NYC, I felt like people didn’t have a clue about personal space. It was really annoying. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be 2 inches away from another person when they didn’t need to be. smh

  3. I’m with you….seems harmless on the surface, but why does mom feel the need to help her adult daughter make new friends????

    Plus, that’s just way too much information to ask a complete stranger!!!!

    • Right! It was just so crazy to me she was asking me these questions. I really didn’t want to think she was up to something malicious, but I couldn’t help but to want to protect myself. I just couldn’t believe she was so comfortable asking me those things. Just strange.

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