Let it Snow! [Pics]

Unless you’ve been in another part of the world or something, you know the mid-atlantic got a huge snowstorm over the weekend. Here’s some pics (click to enlarge):



I took some video as well, but I can’t upload it here. Sorry! BUT, you can click here to see my husband and I venture out on Saturday…while it was still snowing. Yes, we went out in a blizzard. Yes, we might be slightly crazy. 🙂

EDIT: Sorry, but the video I took was on Periscope and I completely forgot that the videos expire after a day. Sorry!! It sucks because I can still see it and I wish I could share it somehow. If I figure it out, I’ll come back and let you know. 

The pics were taken on Saturday from our apt. We overlook the main entrance and visitor parking lot. As you can see, the parking lot (holds 7 cars) is completely covered. They did plow quite a bit, but the snow was just too much. At some points during the storm, it was snowing about 2″ per hour! So as soon as they plowed, it was covered instantly. The last pic are the lights in the parking lot. We sorta watched the icicles get longer over the course of the storm. Pretty neat.

In terms of how we’re dealing with the end result of the blizzard, we’re fine. Living in an apartment that has a parking garage has its advantages. We were very fortunate to not have to deal with digging out our car. The apt community did a great job keeping the walkways and driveways clear. And based on what we can see from our apt, the road crews have been working nonstop to keep the main road plowed. This is how the road outside our apt looks today (click to enlarge):


It’s pretty clear, right!? The husby, who’s off work today, went out to get us lunch and said the streets are good, but the lanes are narrow. But at least they’re passable, so it’s better than nothing. I know there will be a lot of people stranded for a while in their neighborhoods, so we’re very blessed we can get out today.

Anyway, that’s my storm update. We’re fine and hopefully the city will get back to normal soon. But I’ve seen multiple pics of downtown DC and it looks like a nightmare with massive piles of snow everywhere. 😦 Poor city.

Alrighty, that’s all I have for today. I’ll be getting back to my writing challenge this week!




2 thoughts on “Let it Snow! [Pics]

    • Thanks, we will! It was definitely more than anything we’ve ever dealt with in MI, as you know. Completely amazing how much it snowed. I could use a trip to FL or CA right about now lol

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