Writing Challenge 4 – Five Things That Make Me Happy

Topic: What are five things that make you really happy? 

This is hard because I feel like most of the things that make me really happy are superficial? *lol* Or, maybe not superficial, but…random? silly? I don’t know how to describe it, but yeah, here we go… OH! And clearly, I’m really happy to be alive and to have great friends and family. Just wanted to put that out there that those things are a given. Ok, here we go…

  • Coffee Hello. My name is Tray and I’m addicted to coffee. Seriously, I love it. I’d marry it if I could. Ok, I wouldn’t marry it because that would be weird. But that’s how much I love it. If you want to make me smile and such, coffee gifts are always, ALWAYS, appreciated. Coffee gifts include: coffee (duh), coffee mugs, coffee flavored candy, coffee (duh), and yeah…coffee. I drink about 2 cups/day. I start my day with a tall glass of water and then a nice cup of coffee. Every day, that’s how I roll. I don’t know what I love about it. Well, I love the taste (obvi), but I love hot drinks. OooOoo boy, how I loooove hot drinks!! I do enjoy a lovely cup of tea every now and then. I definitely love hot chocolate. But my fave hot drink is coffee by far. I also enjoy coffee flavored ice cream, in case you were wondering. 🙂 (Sidenote: I do not enjoy flavored coffees, meaning flavored grounds. Something about them…they don’t do it for me. I feel like the flavor is artificial. So, yeah, no flavored ground coffee. I will add flavor via creamers or syrups.)
  • Nail polish – If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I paint my nails a LOT. I really enjoy nail polish. I try to change my nail color at least once a week, but sometimes I change it more. Changing it once a week is probably a lot for some people, but not for me. I like my polish to look as fresh as possible at all times. Right now, I’m into having long nails, so I’m faking it right now. I just think polish looks really good on a longer nail. My obsession with polish started back in 2009 because it gave me something to do in between all of the job searching. It just became a nice, relaxing way to spend my time. Painting my nails was never something I did often when I was younger. When I was a teenager, I was a cheerleader and we weren’t allowed to have our nails painted while we were in uniform/performing. We could have them painted for practices, but there was no point, so I never painted them. After high school, I just never painted my nails in college because it was such a habit not to paint them. After college, I think I’d paint them here and there…maybe a few times a year. So my foray into polish is pretty new. Every time I go to the drug store, I look at the polish. And I’m constantly online finding polish as well. There’s this new company that I want to give a try called Smith and Cult. The polish is $18/bottle. Steep. But…I have to try at least one bottle!! At the moment, my favorite brand is Zoya. Mainly because they always have sales and discounts. They retail for $9/bottle, but because of all the sales, I’ve never paid full price. I have just over 30 bottles of Zoya alone. I’m obsessed. Another company I love is Butter London. They are a British company and bottles retail for $15. I only own a few bottles. I love them for their unique shades.
  • Makeup – I’ve been into makeup since I was a teenager. I just love it. It’s fun to experiment and play around with different products. I feel like 2015 was the year of makeup (and terrible makeup trends, but that’s another story). Since I don’t have the best skin, I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find the best foundation. I’m also working on my skin to get it in better condition. But until it clears up to my liking, I’ve been trying out new foundations. I have very oily skin and most foundations have me looking gross after a few hours. My fave foundation was Revlon’s Colorstay. I used that for YEARS. But a couple of years ago, they changed the formula and it doesn’t last on my skin like it used to, which was so disappointing. It was also the perfect shade, which as women of color know, it’s so hard to find the right shade. I don’t have a huge makeup collection, but it’s enough to make me happy. Of course, the more the merrier!
  • Documentaries – Ok, this is weird, I know. But I love documentaries!! I love learning about people’s lives or learning about something new in general. Docs are just so fascinating to me. I have yet to watch one I haven’t enjoyed. I’ve been lucky, I guess. Part of why I thought I was going to love reality tv (and I did for a very long time) was because they’re essentially documentaries. But unfortunately these days, reality shows suck because…Hollywood. And because….money. It’s so disappointing. Anyway, I could watch docs all day. It’s such a wonderful way to learn new things, especially if you’re not a big reader. While I love to read, it’s just easier to sit and watch tv. ha!
  • Cooking – I love to cook and I try to cook every day. I feel like if you’re a real foodie, you should learn to cook. There’s nothing more satisfying than eating food you’ve cooked. But maybe that’s just me. If you learn to cook, you can basically have any dish you want AND save tons of money in the process. Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good restaurant meal. Cooking does take up a lot of time and it’s of course so easy to just go out/order in. But cooking is fun. If you feel like you’re not a good cook, all I say is follow a recipe. Don’t think people just get into the kitchen and automatically know how to cook. I couldn’t. I watched my mom cook all the time while I was growing up, and I helped her a lot too. But as a young adult, my favorite meals were sandwiches and cereal! *lol* I never felt like I couldn’t cook. I just realized (particularly after a 20lb weight gain) that I was just lazy. I was eating out every.single.day. Twice a day! So I stopped eating out and learned how to cook and eat healthy. I lost the weight without even hitting the gym! It’s amazing what can happen with good eating. Anyway, I simply started with a few recipes and went from there. I think I love baking even more though. I sorta like the preciseness of it. But cooking is more liberating, where you can basically do your own thing with seasonings, etc. As long as you don’t over-salt/-pepper food, you’re good to go!

Ok, those are the 5 things that make me really happy. I would like to add that shoes make me really happy, but I’d be lying! *lol* I do NOT enjoy shoe shopping AT ALL! My feet… ugh…. I have a very flat, narrow and long foot (size 9). My heels are small. My first toe is … larger than most people’s *lol* My feet are odd. They look nice, but they’re odd. It takes foreverrrrr for me to find shoes that really fit. So I abhor shoe shopping. And I looooove…looking at shoes! I stand there and look at them sooo lovingly! SO lovingly!!

And I dream that they’ll fit perfectly!

But I know good and well…they won’t. 😦  #saddeststoryaboutmyfeet

Weird ending to this post, but I’m out! Until next time!




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