Slight Challenge Change


So, I was looking through the challenge topics and I wasn’t too keen on all of them. They weren’t bad, but I was finding that I couldn’t really get a decent post out of a lot of the topics. I’d like to try and get at least 500 words out of a post, so I had to find some more topics. And here they are…


Yes, this says March. It’s January. Does it matter what month is says? Nah. We’re focusing on the topics. 🙂

I believe these prompts will give me a little more to go on.

AlsoI just thought of something. If you ever have a topic you’d like me to write about, feel free to suggest something in the comment section! I’d be more than happy to write about a topic of my reader’s choice! If you’d like to remain anonymous, just write “anon” in the Name field and “”(or whatever email service you use…anon@yahoo, anon@outlook, etc, etc) in the Email field.  Then of course, write whatever topic you’d like for me to write about. You can give me a simple topic like, “technology” or give me a topic and explain a little bit more of what you’d like me to write about. Obviously, I’d be writing my thoughts/opinions of these topics. So let me know if you have any ideas!

Alrighty, see ya in the next post soon!




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