Challenge 2 – A Place You Would Live…

Topic: A place you would live, but have never visited.

London, England. I think I would love it. It’s weird to think about living somewhere you’ve never been, but to feel like you’d love it. I don’t know why I would love it. It just looks cool and I have friends that have been that loved it. I know the weather is (supposedly) melancholy much of the year and people say the food is terrible. I don’t think I’d have a big problem with the weather. But perhaps after days (weeks?) of overcast weather, maybe it would get to me? Who knows. It’s like how everyone says they’d never live in Seattle for the same reason, but natives say it doesn’t rain as much as everyone thinks it does. As far as English food…I don’t know. I can’t imagine the entire country having terrible food. That just doesn’t seem legit. Perhaps some of the more traditional dishes might not be appetizing (Black pudding, anyone? I’ll pass on that). According to Food Network :), English food is evolving, so I’m willing to give it a go. I eat almost anything, so I’m sure I’d be just fine.

Outside of London, I’d probably want to live in Hawaii, but cost of living is super high (as is London). But could you imagine waking up to the beautiful ocean and mountains every day?! Sign me up! I had a friend/co-worker that was from Honolulu. Like, FROM there!! She would go back every Christmas to visit her parents. Like, seriously?? You like, basically call Honolulu home and can just go there and kick it?! Dude. DUDE!!!

I don’t know where else I’d want to live that I’ve never been before. Seattle, maybe. Why? Um, STARBUCKS! HELLOOO! 🙂 Perhaps San Francisco. But that cost of living ain’t no joke. So, negative on SF. However, if money were not an issue, SF would be cool. Maybe an island? I loooove water and my goal in life is to have a home on the water. Preferably an ocean, but I’ll take a lake. Yeah, I don’t know where else I’d live that I’ve never been. I keep thinking of places I’ve been to already that I would live (Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Toronto). Sadly, my international experience is comprised of only Canada and Puerto Rico. I’ll get to some other countries soon enough though. 🙂  Honestly, as much as like traveling, I dislike flying and I’m not in a hurry to take several plus hour flights to go to other countries. *lol* Like, why can’t Australia be closer!?! It’s in my top 5 places to go. But yooo, that flight, homie! Ugh. I just can’t even.

Oh. Just thought of a place. Spain. I’d live in Spain. The architecture is beautiful and can you say, “jámon ibérico”? Can you say, “paella”? Can you say, I’d eat my weight in Spanish food daily?! Yes. Sign me up. Done. Thanks. 🙂

Alrighty, now that I’m hungry, I’ll return tomorrow with another post. 🙂



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