Challenge 1 – Earliest Memory

Here’s the writing challenge I was talking about yesterday. Shout out to Whit at WhitHappens with the hookup on the .JPG file of this so I could post it. So I might skip around with the topics because…fun! And I might change a few because umm, they don’t apply. *lol* 

Let’s get into the topic, shall we?

Earliest memory was something I’ve talked about before here. I was a toddler. I was in the crib, yelling for my mom. I distinctly remember yelling “ma” over and over. And I yelled, didn’t cry. Wasn’t a big crier (so says my family). I remember getting tired of yelling and sat down to wait for her to come. I may have played with my bear that played music. (He played “This Old Man”. I still have him.)

I stood back up after a while and yelled some more. No mom. I was so sad. So, I started trying to climb out of the crib. No go. Legs too little. But wait. I thought of how my mom opened the side of the crib! I looked over to one side and saw the little knob. I pulled it and pushed the side of the crib down. No go. Kept trying and trying. Then, I looked on the other side. Ohhh, have to pull that knob. I go over and pull and push. Nothing. Ohhh, I have to do both! I remembered that’s what my ma did. But I couldn’t because I was too little. Sad again. So I yelled for my ma again. She came! She said, “I thought I heard you”. She lifted me out and we went downstairs. 

The End. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Challenge 1 – Earliest Memory

  1. I really thought you were going to say you got it open! Lol My brother used to get out by lifting his mattress & I guess going through the bottom somehow…they must have had wide slots back then lol

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