Writing Challenge!

I need a writing challenge. I’ve been wanting to write about other topics, but have been drawing a huge, huge blank. Typically, I would go with what’s hot in the streets, but I’m not really feeling anything. I kinda feel like everything in the news is about Trump (I’m more than over him) or another shooting. I know other things are going on, but what else is really worthy of my fingers to write about it? 🙂

Sweetie found this 30-day writing challenge for me a while back, so I’m going to do that for the rest of this month and into January (can you believe it’s going to be 2016!) Isn’t it funny that every year, we all say, “Can you believe it’s going to be _______???” Like, we had noooo idea another year was coming! *lol* We’re funny.

Anyway, I was trying to post the topics, but I was unable to do so. The challenge was written in a photo editor and I can’t upload the picture (can’t upload .PNG files to WordPress). But here are a few topics:

  • Your life in 7 years
  • Two words/phrases that make you laugh
  • Your zodiac sign and why you think it fits you
  • Five problems with social media…

There are 30 topics, all of which should inspire some good writing for a while. So I’ll begin the challenge tomorrow and go from there. I’ll do my best to get out blogs each day, but some may a bit shorter than usual.

In other news…

Did we all hear about/see the interview R. Kelly? If you haven’t seen it, please do yourself a favor and watch. It was hilarious, awkward and unbelievable. It started out fine, but ends up a complete mess. The interviewer did an amazing job not getting upset. Like, she should get a promotion for that interview because Kels acted a fool. It’s like, dude, you’ve been in the game too long to act like this! *smh* He was so disrespectful.

Anyway, see you guys tomorrow!




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