This Post Is Called, “I Forgot”

Hey there. It’s Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Ummm… *looks down at feet*… soooo, somehow, I TOTALLY forgot to post on Monday!  *sigh*

My bad folks. I’m not going to lie right now, I actually have nothing to post!  I was going to talk about Drake, but there’s enough chatter about Drake and his old man dancing (which, I’ve been enjoying immensely). I’m actually busy now until Saturday, as we have family in town. So, I’ll have to take a complete pass on this week and come back on Monday. Apologies all around! I don’t know what happened on Monday, but I seriously forgot it was Monday. That’s what happens when all of your days are Fridays. 🙂 #Sorry #TisTrue

Ok, I lied. I had to share this link about Drake. Enjoy the best internet reactions to Drake’s new video. Too funny!

Oh, on Monday, I’ll update you on my 2nd ultrasound. I have that tomorrow (Friday) and hopefully we’ll finally get a definitive answer on what’s up with Baby B’s growth situation. Prayers and good thoughts, por favor! Gracías!

Have an awesome rest of the week and weekend! 🙂





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