Face it America, We Like Guns

I’ve never been a fan of guns. I’m of the mindset that only trained professionals (law enforcement, military, other security agents) should have guns. But that’s just me.

I don’t have statistics handy here, but I’ve seen stats that show gun-related deaths are rising. And we know that compared to other developed countries, we lead the way in the number of gun-related violence.

Here’s what I find fascinating: when you talk to anyone that’s pro-2nd Amendment/gun, they never see a reason to compromise regarding gun regulation. Why is that? Whereas, I hear many pro-gun reformers talk about ways to compromise on this issue. Usually, those who want reform, talk about ways to allow people to keep their guns (a la via their 2nd Amendment rights), while ensuring there are enough measures in place so that a) they don’t fall into the wrong hands, and b) people who own guns keep themselves and others safe.

One side is willing to compromise, the other isn’t. Therefore, we stay stagnant on this issue while more and more lives are taken. It’s truly sad. I don’t know what we can do about this issue. I don’t know if anything will ever be done about this, as the gun lobby has a chokehold on this country.

In all honesty, I find it weird that people are so attached to guns. I was speaking with my husband about this topic and asked if there was any data/stats on the number of people that own guns and the last time they actually fired their weapon at an intruder. As you know, many of those who defend the 2nd Amend, like to bring up the fact that they have the right to protect their homes and family in case of a break-in, etc. Well, if that’s one of the main reasons to own a gun, then what are the stats that reflect that Americans NEED to own guns for this reason. Show me the data from say, the last 10 years, that supports the need to defend one’s home with a gun. I’d love to see how many gun owners have shot at/killed someone invading their home. I bet the stats (if they exist) are probably very, very low. And if the stats are low, then I believe that makes an excellent case for why we can at least have some reform in this area. I’m not saying take away the rights to own one, but simply look at this data to hopefully bring about reform. Because let’s face it, this isn’t 1852 and we’re not living on acres of land (well most of aren’t). So the need to have a weapon to shoot an intruder (or bear) is very low these days, I presume. If times have changed, shouldn’t we then modify how we sell guns…especially given the times we live in today?

I’ll be even more honest here. My father owns guns….yes, plural. No worries, we don’t have an arsenal over here. But he has owned them since before I was born. In my 37 years of life, my father has never fired not one gun on anyone attempting to break into our home. And guess what? Someone did break into our home back when I was in college. It was during Christmas time and they stole all of our gifts. *smh* Luckily, we were not home. Even with an incident like that, I still don’t see the need for guns. My feeling is, just because people own guns to protect themselves, doesn’t make me believe they know how to use them properly. That’s a really big key for me in gun ownership.

If we can ever get gun reform on the table, I’d love for there to be something that requires a person to take a month-long course to train how to properly use a gun, as well as gun safety. This would go along with background checks, etc. One problem though is keeping guns from those that are mentally unstable. Do we also need people to go through psych evaluations to own a gun? Given the case in some of these mass shootings, perhaps that’s another requirement that needs to happen to own a gun.

Finally, I just find it weird that it’s so easy to get a gun. Why don’t pro-gun owners see the necessity in making more requirements, or creating stricter requirements to own a gun? It’s a gun. Think about it, whether used properly or improperly, it can kill someone. Isn’t that a BIG deal? Other countries seem to understand this by not allowing anyone outside of military/law enforcement to own guns. Why doesn’t the U.S. get that if we’re going to allow any ‘ol Joe Schmoe to own a gun, we should AT LEAST have strict laws to obtain one? It’s also weird that the NRA always talks about “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Um, ok I see where you’re going, but we all know that people are dumb human! Hello! So, why hasn’t the NRA taken steps to provide more gun safety courses, etc to make sure people can use them properly? If the NRA has these classes, they surely don’t talk about them. In fact, shouldn’t the NRA try partnering with the government to start national gun safety/training classes for people that want to own guns? The gun lobby is going to continue to fight, so why not work with the gov’t to make sure gun owners use guns properly?

Is what I’m saying too logical? I hate it when I get too logical and make too much sense. ugh. :-/

I don’t have all of the answers, but I think we should take gun reform seriously in this country. Exactly how many more people have to die in order for some change to happen?



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