El Papa

I see that the euphoria of having the Pope come to the U.S. was extremely short-lived with the recent news of the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis (a Kentucky county clerk that refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples).

Look, I’m pretty liberal. I’m all about freedom and equal rights for all. However, just as our right-wing brethren can go too far, so can the left. As a liberal, how can we forget that we live in a country where we are free to do whatever we want (essentially) and believe in whatever we want. My feelings on Davis? Once the Supreme Court deemed that it was right to allow everyone to marry, Davis should’ve started thinking seriously about her job. If her religious beliefs were ones that were so devout, then she should’ve started either making arrangements for someone else in her office to grant the licenses or she should’ve stepped down. Period. Not too many options, but that’s all she had if her religious beliefs are that strong.

Now, the fact that her beliefs tell her that gay marriage is wrong, is not my problem. It’s no one’s problem. Why? Because we live in a FREE country! Liberals, we cannot vilify someone because their beliefs are in the minority. That makes us hypocritical, does it not? How can we as liberals believe in freedom for all and the right to believe in whatever we want, yet, as soon as someone conservative comes around, we jump down their throats? Let me be MORE clear: we practically ostracize people that do not believe in liberal values. That’s not right. That’s hypocritical. Would we want conservatives to do the same? No. And just because they do try to tear the left down, doesn’t it make it right that we do the same. What’s the saying…two wrongs don’t make a right?

But let’s get things straight: Davis’ beliefs caused her to break the law and she was put in jail for it. And if she continues to do so, she should keep going to jail…because she’s breaking the LAW! Keep that in mind, the law is separate from one’s beliefs. She has the RIGHT to believe in whatever she wants, but breaking the law? No. Unacceptable. She will have to go to jail every time she breaks the law. There is a difference and I hope we all see it.

I don’t care what she believes in. Do I agree with her beliefs? No. BUT..it’s HER RIGHT to believe in whatever she wants. Who am I, as a liberal person, to stop her from believing in what she wants to? I certainly would not want someone to tell me what I can/cannot believe in. That would be absolutely ridiculous!

So the Pope met with her, to congratulate her for standing up for religious freedom and that is fine. Hopefully though, he knows she was breaking the law and spoke to her about that aspect as well. There are a lot of stories about what was said in this private meeting, so who knows what was really happened. But, remember, the Pope isn’t from this country and probably does not have a full grasp how of outraged people were with Kim Davis. To me, he’s doing what he felt was right and I can’t hate on him for that. I don’t think that means he doesn’t stand behind people having the freedom to believe in what they chose, which is what people are saying now. *smh* Really?? Ugh. Of course, people have “suddenly” jumped off the Pope bandwagon because of his meeting with Davis and to that I say, they were never really for the Pope to begin with. Many of the comments I’ve already read have been from non-religious people. Like, really people? Give me a break!

Anyway, this was a random post, but I just felt compelled to speak about it. It’s like, yeah I’m a liberal person, but geez, when did we get SO critical of the things that we don’t like or agree with? In the end, it doesn’t matter. That may be cliché to say, but it doesn’t. In a few months, we’ll forget all of this happened and we’ll be on to the next thing that “outrages” us. *smh*



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