I Had a Birthday!

This past Saturday, I celebrated my 37th birthday! Seriously, I cannot believe I’m 37. I don’t even know how to process that I’m wayyy closer to 40 than I am to 30. *lol* But that’s life, right? We all have to grow older. My age isn’t a big deal. I’m just blessed to still be here, to see another day and hopefully, I’ll see many, many more days.

We celebrated my birthday on Friday with dinner at a “fancy” French restaurant, followed by an Amel Larrieux concert! The restaurant was super crowded, it kinda felt like we were back in NYC *lol* We were crammed into the main dining room, which was a little annoying, as we were nearly back-to-back with people at other tables. For example, have you ever been to a wedding with 300+ people and the tables are placed so close together, that you have to squeeze/shimmy out from your chair to leave your table? That’s how the seating was in the restaurant. Fortunately, the people immediately around us were done with dinner, so we were able to relax and not have to worry about scooting into our table to let people pass, etc.  The food was good though…well, I enjoyed my salmon dinner with parsnips, snap peas and….puréed peas. Yes, I had two types of peas on my plate. It was weird, but they were tasty. 🙂  We didn’t order dessert, BUT, someone (who shall remain nameless) tipped off the waiter about my birthday. dessertSo at the end of dinner, a lovely cream puff with vanilla ice cream and a delicious chocolate sauce was placed on our table. Do you see how good this looks!? It was even better than it looked! That sauce…o.m.g. …to DIE for!

After dinner, we made our way down a few blocks to the Amel concert. This was my third time seeing her and she did not disappoint at all! Her voice is amaaaazing. And every time I see her, I start wondering how some people in the music industry get so popular with such little talent. It’s really a shame. *sigh* Anyway…

The concert was awesome! One of her daughters, Skye, is a part of her band now and she is just as talented as her mom. Skye played the keyboards, guitar and sang background vocals. Amel did a few “duets” with her, as well as let Skye sing a little on her own. Man! The apple did not fall far from the tree at all! Skye sounds almost exactly like Amel (and they also look like alike)! Amel was such a proud mama, telling the crowd how special it was to be able to perform with her daughter. 🙂 Overall, it was a wonderful concert and I can’t wait to see her again!

Saturday, what did we do? All I remember was that I slept most of the day *lol* We didn’t get home from the concert Friday night until after midnight. But then we stayed up for a few hours once we got home. So, we were both pretty lazy Saturday. Oh, we watched the UofM/BYU game. We won! Woot! #goblue Annnnd that’s all I remember! ha!

Sunday, we redeemed ourselves and actually left the apt. *lol* We had a lovely brunch and then went shopping! I needed to get some shirts and leggings…just some basic maternity items. Then, we came home and watched football …ya know, the yooj (usual) Sunday activities. 🙂

That was about it for the birthday weekend. Went to a concert, did a little shopping and just chilled. Just the way I like it. 🙂

Well, I’m going to get back to trying to get this Empire review up on the other site. I decided to change the design, so that’s slowed me down with writing. But hopefully, I can get the review done and up tonight or tomorrow. Definitely before the next episode.

Oh, and for all of you that love and (hopefully) miss our podcasts, they are coming back VERY soon!! We’re revamping our show and will be taking it in another direction. So be on the look out for that. But for now, click here to get caught up on any casts you’ve missed, or check it out if you haven’t heard it before!




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