That Awkward Moment When…

Sometimes I think, “Why do I have so many awkward moments in my life?” Maybe I’m just awkward? *shrugs*

Awkward Moment #1: Tray B Says blog

I’m not sure if this qualifies as an awkward moment, but I feel weird that I started this blog and it didn’t go as planned. Ehh, happens. I had this great idea, right? And…and…well it just didn’t play out on “paper” the way it did in my head. Hate it when that happens.

The site isn’t dead though. I’m going to change it up and re-do the content. Starting…soon? Like possibly this week??? You’ll be informed when it happens. And hopefully my new idea will be better. I think it will be. *fingers and toes crossed*

Awkward Moment #2: Carrying a baby 

One really awkward moment I’m having is having a large belly. Dude. It’s weird! Just being honest.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love being pregnant. Actually, I haven’t felt one way or the other about it. No, I take that back. More on that in another blog. But there’s something awkward (how many times can I use this word) about the change in your body. And this awkwardness (is that a word?) hit me when I had to buy maternity clothes.

Yes, I have maternity jeans…and shorts…and some other clothes too.

The sheer fact that I OWN maternity clothes is weird. WEIRD. I mean, you pass by maternity clothing stores all the time in the mall, right? You don’t think anything of it. You’re all like, “Oh, the mom store” and keep it moving. You might notice the pregnant mannequins, but you (read: me) basically pass it by on your (my) hunt for a cinnamon pretzel. *mmmm pretzel* #hungry

But there might come a day when you have to go in the mom store…for YOURSELF!! I felt like I didn’t belong, and yet I DID belong. I am going to be a mommy and I needed mommy-to-be clothes!!!

It wasn’t a horrifying feeling. It was just a, “Is this real life?!” kind of feeling. Yes. It’s real. I have a human (A REAL, LIVE HUMAN!) growing inside me and in order to accommodate it, I need stretchy jeans. And tops.

Man, it’s just awkward at first. I just started my 17th week now, so it’s not as awkward. But still. It’s weird as hell. *lol*

Awkward Moment #3: People stare at my belly

I didn’t mean to make this post mostly about the bump, but this next moment is really awkward. I catch people looking at my belly all the time now. I just wanna say, “Yes, I’m pregnant” so I can take the guess work away from them. Actually, I’d rather say, “I ate a really big dinner” or something of that nature, but that might cause more confusion since it looks like I ate 2 (or 3) big dinners. Anyway, it’s just odd to have randomites stare at you. *shrugs*

Bonus Awkward Moment: 

A random follower on Instagram commented on a photo I posted of my belly and said, “Twins.”

I really wish I could insert ALL of the angry and disdained smilies here. I mean, I get it. I AM measuring large at this point in my pregnancy. BUT I’m not about to tell a random follower that I’m measuring that way because I have fibroids. Instead, I deleted the comment, blocked the person and set my account to private. I don’t need any more randos making rude comments. That person followed me for the longest and hardly ever commented/liked my photos. And out of all of my photos, you comment on THAT one and make a rude comment at that!? HELL no. I just don’t have time. Yes, they can say whatever, it’s a free country. But guess what? I’m also free to delete rude people. *smh*

Alrighty, that’s enough awkward moments for one day, right? 🙂

See ya Thursday! 🙂




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