Blog Schedule & More

I’ve decided, I’m going to create a schedule for the blog and really stick to it. I’m thinking I’ll do Mondays and Thursdays. There. That settles it. *whew* That feels good.

Some of the Mundane:

Tuesday, I bought this E.L.F. blush palette in “Dark” and it is awwwesome! I started dabbling in blush a couple of years ago after thinking, “why don’t I wear blush?” I think like most women who don’t wear blush, I was scared to look like a clown. *lol* But, it’s actually pretty easy to put on (after watching several Youtube how-to videos). The blushes are very, very pigmented, which is surprising because this was only a mere $6!! If you’re not up on ELF, get on it! You can get a lot of great things for just a few bucks. I’ve tried a few of their Essential brushes (good quality for $1-2), a lip crayon and their lip exfoliator, which is fantastic!! (Just don’t press too hard and break it like I did the first time I bought it.)

Yesterday, I made the journey to Babies R’ Us to return the Snoogle. Ohhh Snoogle. My husband loved it. Me? Not so much. I’m just going to get a regular ol’ body pillow and call it a day. The Snoog was nice for sitting up in bed/on the couch, but it was too big to sleep with. And it was too firm for my liking. A lot of women seemed to enjoy it though, so if you’re preggers, try it. You might like it. Me? Pass. Should’ve stuck to my guns and just gotten a body pillow in the first place. Eh, oh well.

My final purchase of the week came yesterday! New Zoya polishes!! I ordered some nice fall shades with the exception of one lighter/spring shade (that I now realize I have already! Grrrrr!) Zoya is 5FREE (free of harsh, toxic chemicals) and they always have amazing sales. Follow them on zee Twitter to be in the loop. They just recently had a 50% off sale if you buy at least 6 bottles. They usually go for $9, so that’s only $4.50 a pop! Sweet! I also purchased their nail polish remover, which is also non-toxic and has an awesome lavender smell. It is pricey ($9.99 for 8oz bottle), but I had to get it since I do my nails so often. My current remover is professional grade and preeetty strong. I figured it’s not great to inhale that stuff these days (probably not great to inhale ever, but yeahhh, I just deal). zoya

Anyway, I’ve taken advantage of their deals so much, I believe I have about 30 bottles in my collection. #obsessedddd #addicted #IHaveAProblem

The polishes last a long time (I’ve owned some for a few years and the consistency is still perfect) and they go on very smooth. I do wish they’d change their brushes to be more rounded like Nicole by OPI or L’Oreal, but that’s just personal preference. Highly recommend them though (when there’s a sale). 🙂

Well, that’s it for now! See ya Monday!





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