Family Visit!

Mi mama and papa, along with my niece, great-niece and my husby’s mom, came to visit us this past weekend. Lots of fun was had by all (I hope). Like I said before, we don’t get to see our fam too often, so it was nice that this year, we’ve already seen them twice! SWEET! My parents might come back to visit before they leave MI and head off to FL for the winter, so that will be cool.

We didn’t do a whole lot with them. They were just here for a few days. We did go on this tour around the city, that allowed you to get on/off at various sites. This was perfect so we didn’t have to walk too much. My dad has some knee issues, so we tried to reduce the walking to a minimum. The tour was really cool by the way, I highly recommend it if you’d like to see get a tour of DC. It was probably one of the cheapest tours out there. And like I said, you could hop on/off and it’s completely narrated. Oh, it’s completely open trolley (no windows), so if it’s a REALLY hot/humid day, you might wanna skip it. It was 90 degrees when we went, but it wasn’t too humid. So as we drove, we got lots of decently cool air.

I wanted to take my niece to the zoo, but that didn’t work out. Didn’t want to Metro it because the walk is not fun in the heat (and it’s kind of a long walk). Could’ve driven, but you have to get there very early to get parking in their lots. Sooo, maybe next time.

By the time they left on Sunday, I was exhausted. I slept most of Sunday and definitely did not cook (take-out, please). My mom texted me around 6p-ish saying they had made it back to MI (they drove). My mom said she’s not keen on driving again because Pennsylvania was so curvy/hilly. And there was lots of construction through both OH and PA. That’s exactly why I hated driving from NY to MI because PA is the worst to drive through. Sorry, PA, but I hate it. It’s very pretty (mountains and such), but yeah, it’s so hilly/curvy and with construction, it’s not fun at all. Then you get to OH. Ohio is in a perpetual state of construction. We drove a LOT when I was a kid and every time we drove to FL, OH never failed to have a ton of construction. I remember this from when I was like 6 years old!!! That was 30 years ago! *smh* Anyway…

Here are (literally) a few pics (click to enlarge):

dadandlayaMy dad and great-niece
(and yes, my dad’s cane is a bat. Neat, eh?)

My parents, niece and great-niece

mereandlayaPhone time, per usual, as we waited for our trolley to pick us up



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