About All This News…

While we were getting our move on, so much happened in the country. There were many things I wanted to talk about, but since so much time has passed, I won’t bring them up. But here are few things that I will mention since they are still being talked about.

Drake v. Meek Mill: I’ll go ahead and be the old person in the group and say, “Huh? What? Who!?!?” Of course I know Drake and I’ve actually heard of Meek. I’m not THAT old (yet). But ummm, these two are getting waaaaay too much internet time for my taste. I’m not here for it. I don’t find any of it funny. Sorry. I just don’t. I’m so confused. Like, who has rap beef with someone that’s not of significant note? Like, tell me Drake and Kanye beefing. Tell me Kendrick and Jay Z beefing. Tell me Eminem and Nas beefing. Feel me?

Drake and Meek Mill though? Ugh. Nah son. Pass.

Donald Trump: I’m about 99% sure he’s trolling the hell outta America right now. I’m sure a lot of people agree with me. I mean, this dude came up with one of the most ridiculous shows on tv: Celebrity Apprentice. He knows a thing or two about stirring the pot to get ratings. Now he’s using that to get votes. Annoying, but clever.

If you pay attention, he’s saying evvvverything a lot of people want to say, but won’t say. Totally stirring the pot. He’s not going to make it far in this race because that’s not his goal. Low-key, I was thinking he might be running to raise money for himself. We all know some of his investments have struggled over the years. He could be using this presidential race to recoup money he’s lost over his failed hotels, etc. I don’t know how these presidential races work, but what do these candidates do with all the money they’ve raised once they drop out of the race? Do they return it? Like if I donate $500 to Trump and he drops out, do I get it back? Proooobably not. So where does that $$ go? Surely, not ALL of it goes into paying for campaign management, etc. Most campaigns have oodles of volunteers, so they’re not getting paid. And to my knowledge, he hasn’t spent a dime on TV ads (if so, I haven’t seen them). So when if he drops out, where is the money going that he raised? Politicos, feel free to jump in and answer.

Anyway, Trump is trolling and I’m over it. Next!

Oh, but wait. I am actually interested in this Republican debate coming up. It is going to be a circus for sure! Trump will be front and center, and full of nonsense as usual. But will his nonsense stand out over the rest of the GOP’s nonsense? We shall see. This is probably going to be the highest rated GOP debate in a looooong time.

So000, did you guys umm, see that story about Lenny and his Kravitz? *lol* I’m not even going to talk about it. Just Google it. 🙂 I mean, these things wouldn’t happen if he’d stop wearing those tight a$$ leather pants. Just saying.

Finally, a little sad news. Yesterday, Chris Hyndman from one of my favorite shows died unexpectedly. Chris hosted a daytime TV show called “Steven and Chris” with his life partner, Steven on the CBC. It’s an interior design-based show, that also featured bits about fashion, beauty and other cool segments (I love the “Dump or Keep” segment where the show’s dating expert shares stories from women seeking advice about what to do in their love lives. The audience holds up signs saying to “dump” or “keep” in response to the stories).  Reports say that Chris was found “without vital signs” in an alley around 11pm not too far from the home he shared with Steven. No further news will be reported witnesses are questioned and an autopsy has been done. It’s just so sad and unexpected…and weird. Lots of people are wondering what he was doing out in an alley at that time of night alone. Very weird, but I’m going to keep following the story. RIP Chris. I will miss all of his jokes about how much Botox he had and how he didn’t like working out.  🙂

Sorry to end on a sad note. Wait, let’s end on a nice note…. Our family is coming to visit us next week! Yay! I’m excited to see them. This is awesome because we tend to only see our family once a year, but this will be the second time seeing them, as we just saw them in May. Yay again!! Looking forward to showing them around our new digs. Fun times ahead!

Ok, that’s all folks. Later!



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