About This Move…

SO, I’m back! Told ya I’d post SOON.

Ok, as you all know, I’m NOT in NYC/NJ anymore!!!! Praise sweet Baby Jesus! Hallelujah!! *lol* Lord knows I was more than ready to get out of that area and finally, He answered our prayers! I cannot say thank ya Jesus enough!! *praise dance*

We’ve now relocated to Northern Virginia. Woohoo!! I’m so happy to finally be back in the DMV! My husband landed a wonderful job here in VA and we made our way here about two weeks after he got word. Folks, I have never packed so fast in my life. But I just knew that if he got a new job, we’d have to move quickly. And I was ready. It was a little stressful, but I was so damn happy, I didn’t let the stress get to me. That’s what you gotta do when a wonderful opportunity happens, forget the stress! Just focus on how great the opportunity is and it will get you through!

We arrived and began settling down, however, our first night (and week) in our apt was a nightmare!!

Enter the 20-something student (or jobless rich kid) next door.

*smh* There’s ALWAYS something, right? So, long story short: our neighbor was some kid that was either a student or a vampire (not sure), that was quiet all day long and “partied” at night. Essentially, dude would chill on his patio with his 3 friends every night at all kinds of hours. Usually they’d smoke and drink, however, the first night they decided to sing at the top of their lungs. Yeah. One night, they decided to come out at 5:00AM on a Tuesday morning! I’ve never, in all of my apartment living (outside of NY), dealt with such ridiculousness.

After the first night, we informed the office about the smoking (our apt comm is non-smoking and you get fined by the city). But later that week, I told them that we weren’t happy because of all the noise. So we were able to move to another unit within the building, far, far away from the guy. And it’s been smooth ever since. Thank God.

Our new apt is great. It’s kind of an interesting location, as we are right above the apt’s office and have a view of the main entrance to the building. So I get to be nosy/look like a creeper watch all the visitors/UPS/FedEx coming in/out of the building. I know this is weird, but I kinda like it because I like people stalking watching. Here’s a peek:

My perch

Our apt is pretty much together, with a few things we need to do (e.g. get rid of a desk–anybody need a desk? Holla at me). We are living in a community owned by the same company as the one we lived in NJ. It was easier for us to move here because we got a “lease transfer”. I use that in quotes because there’s really no benefit to the transfer besides the fact that we didn’t have to reapply and pay application fees. Other than that, there was no real lease transfer. We had to sign a new lease (which is fine), but had to pay another security deposit and amenity fee (cheaper deposit and fee, but still, why can’t they transfer both deposit and fee from NJ?). So stupid, but whatever. It worked out.

What else can I say? The husby likes his new job so far, and he’s definitely enjoying the quick 15-min commute to work! This is a big change from the hour plus commute he had back in NJ.

Our next thing to do is to get a car. Yes, we are car-less at the moment, but we’ll be getting one very soon! Like, soon! We are, however, close to the Metro…about a 15 min walk. It feels shorter though. So we aren’t stuck without a car, but having one obviously helps tremendously.

We love the area we live in and love that we can easily get to DC. We’ve already been into the city a few times since we’ve been here and it’s been pretty smooth. We’re (well, him not me) also experiencing the random weekend traffic out here (those of you familiar with 66 know what I’m talking about).  Overall, everything is good so far. No complaints (any more). 🙂

Finally, we are already planning to move next year though, because we had planned on getting a two bedroom when we were able to move here. However, since we had to move SO fast, we just got something quickly. So this place will be a one and done-er. I’m already not looking forward to moving again, but we gotta do what we gotta do! Also, we aren’t fond of this company that owns our building. They’re a bit shady and they don’t care about the tenants following the rules. I don’t mind rules, but this company doesn’t enforce them. What’s the point of being a non-smoking community, when so many tenants smoke on the property? (There are cigarette butts throughout the courtyard. And during our first week, a family brought out a hookah into the courtyard. Seriously?? There is no smoking of any kind allowed. You sign a form when you sign your lease that reiterates the non-smoking policy and how you will be fined if you are caught.) Lame. I’d rather live somewhere that either enforces the rules or doesn’t have too many so that people aren’t restricted. I’d like to live in a non-smoking community though, so I’m not sure how many of those are around. We’ll have check that out when we start looking again.

Well that’s all she wrote for now, folks!  More coming in a few days. 🙂



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