The Future is HERE

Can we talk?

Does anyone ever think that one day, we’ll all just be… beings? Just… ya know… human beings.

Nah? Just me. Ok, go with me for a moment…

In light of all the recent news, I’ve been thinking: What if we ALL changed our genders? Like, what if we just all decided to become the opposite of how we were born?


What if we just all decided to not have a gender period? No men, women…nothing. Just…. beings. I keep thinking about borgs, but that’s insensitive and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to be funny. Although, I think borgs/cyborgs are cool. #geekatheart

So here’s how my mind works. Sometimes, I tend to think about things a lot (Libra trait, can’t help it). In my mind, I started thinking about the above questions and came to this: if we all changed our genders or became genderless, how would we continue to populate the Earth? What type of evolutionary trait would need to develop for us to continue to create life?

Is this deep, or nah? Maybe it’s not that deep? You tell me.

I just like throwing stuff out there. I’m not trying to make fun of anyone, or be mean, hate or shame. If you know me, then you know I don’t come from those places. If you don’t know me, then know that I come from a “what is going on” type of place and I have questions. Sometimes, we gotta ask the hard questions. Sometimes, we have to “go there” because hey…this could happen is happening, here and now. I mean, did anyone ever think in a million years…or, ok in our lifetime, that we’d have a prominent person in our society change their gender? (And if someone’s done this before, please feel free to comment and enlighten me.) This is truly something to marvel over, not in an “Oh my god, look at what he’s (now she’s) doing” kind of way and stare at her like she’s an animal. More of a, “Wow, this is real. This is a glimpse of the future”. This is the future that we all have to understand and get used to, and that’s fascinating to me.

Like…what if Dolly Parton became a man? What if The Rock became a woman? What if Halle Berry didn’t want to be a man or a woman? It’s interesting to think about.

Again, no shade. No hate. Nothing. I’m really not trying to be funny or make jokes. Sometimes I think in order for us to understand something, we need to think extreme. So that’s why I used the examples above. But seriously, who’s going to be the next to sit down with Diane Sawyer (or whoever) and come out to the world as a completely different person?

It could happen. It IS happening. Are we ready for it?

One more thing. I gotta say this because as a Christian, I keep thinking about it. I wonder about the transgendered people that are Christians. Do they think God messed up and put them in the wrong body? I’m curious because as Christians, we believe that God makes no mistakes…that He created you the way you are for a reason because He has a purpose for you. As a Christian, you know that God only wants the best life for you. He doesn’t want to bring you pain or suffering of any kind. He only wants you to be happy, and if you trust in Him, He will lead you to a happy life. (Of course, this doesn’t mean God frees you from challenges/obstacles. We all know that those obstacles, trials, tests, etc., are God’s way of teaching us valuable lessons.) But when there is constant pain, suffering, confusion, etc, in one’s life, Christians know that’s not God’s work.

I don’t mean to get up on my spiritual soapbox, but I can’t help but to think of things from this perspective. From a spiritual perspective, I can’t believe this is what God intended for anyone. Yes, God leads us through trials and tests, but when I hear these stories, they feel…different. They don’t sound like trials. These stories (being in the wrong body) sound horrible and I can’t even begin to think that this is a trial or test. If you’re Christian and have thoughts, share below (or on my FB). I’m curious to hear what other Christians think about this. I’m curious as to what everyone thinks, but particularly from a Christian perspective. I’m not trying to solve anything by getting various points of view, rather I’m trying to gain more insight so I can understand. We should all want to understand what is going on, right?

NOTE: I’m not against anyone based on my beliefs. I’m merely thinking of this from a Christian perspective. 

Like Sway, I don’t have the answers! And I don’t have a solid stance about this topic, but I just wanted to ask a lot of questions. Do you guys have any questions?

EDIT: I wanted to add quickly, that my thoughts/opinions, as well as questions, are not in any way meant to be judgmental. I truly believe that if I (we) can’t ask questions, if I (we) can’t state our thoughts, then what’s the point of life? In life, we’re going to ask questions. We’re going to have thoughts/opinions. Questions do not equal judgment. At least, they don’t for me. Also, I’m not trying to solve anything here. I’m also not trying to say I’m right. I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong here.

I’m literally asking questions and sharing thoughts. Fin. 



2 thoughts on “The Future is HERE

  1. I mean. Who are we to decide what God deems a trial? I mean, some people are born with both sets of genitalia, how do they know what to choose for them at birth…or do they. So I can only imagine that “wires” can get crossed with physical transformations. After all much crazier things have happened in the womb (eggs not completely splitting, eggs splitting period, limbs missing, organs on the outside of the body, organs flip flopped to the wrong sides in the body). How do we know these things are any different? If we all start as girls in the womb, who’S to say just like all these other things can alter what we expect to happen, that the brain can stay thinking it’s a girl but the body changes or the body stays the same but the brain changes. Hey…i can’t judge it. I don’t know. We can ask the same about why people are born with ailments but it’s ok for them to treat and fix those. So…yea. I said a lot but i think it makes sense…somewhat. LOL

    • LOL! I understand what you’re saying. And you bring up good points. In the cases of people born with both sets of genitalia, that’s a very specific case. When I’ve read about those cases, the parents usually choose what to make the child. Although, some wait until the child is older to see which way the child leans, and they go from there with any procedures (if necessary).

      And yes, trials come in different forms. I thought about that, but in thinking about it, it just seems cruel. For someone to be born one way, yet they feel another way most of their life? I don’t know. But it totally could be a trial. Perhaps their trial is to navigate life as best they can until they come to terms with their true self? I don’t know. I also thought of it as they’re here to teach others around them to be more accepting of people who are different. So, it could be a trial.

      And yes, lots of things happen to people when they are born. Missing limbs, hearts on the outside of the body, etc. In those cases though, I think parents & docs choose to do what’s necessary to give those people the best quality of life. If a child is missing an arm, if they feel the child can live without it, then fine. We’ve seen people seemingly live just fine missing arms, legs, feet, etc. However, we don’t know for sure how their lives are though (unless we know someone personally). I would think *some* would have wanted to be born with two arms/legs or what have you. But I’m sure there are people who say, no, I was born this way. God made me this way for a reason, so I’m going to trust in Him and live the best I can. There are so many scenarios. I’m just thinking out loud…not judging anything or anyone. Just asking questions because it starts a conversation. It gets people thinking.

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