Detroit Trip Recap!

Over the Mother’s Day weekend, we flew to Detroit to see our families. It was funny, because we didn’t quite plan it out this way. This was the weekend we chose because it was before our anniversary and we wanted to see our families first, then go somewhere for our anniversary. Lo and behold, it was Mother’s Day weekend, so it was PERFECT!

We had a lovely time seeing our families, as we hadn’t seen them since November 2013. Yes, it had been quite a while.

We were able to take in a baseball game that Saturday, which was fun. We went with my dad and brother. Oh! Before I get into that, my parents rented a fantastic condo that is literally 4 blocks away from Comerica Park!! It’s SO awesome to look down the street and see the park (pics below). I’m SO happy they found this place because my mom works at the ballpark, so it’s super convenient for her to get to work now. She can walk and not have to deal with traffic and parking. So, YAY for that!  For the game, we had great seats and it was a perfect day. Too bad the Tigers lost though. *womp*

Later that night, we went to see my sister-in-law’s roller derby team play in their championship match! Like many others, I had never been to a roller derby match, so I was very curious to see wha this was all about. It was EXCITING!! It was a long match though, lol, but EXCITING!! Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a good match! Next time, ladies! 🙂

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we took our moms (and other family members) out to a brunch buffet. It was a little dramatic at first because the restaurant sat us in this…”additional” seating area they concocted for the day. We were not impressed, so we had them move us to a regular seating area. (I’d explain the seating area situation, but you’d have to have been there. I’ll just say, we were at a long card table with folding chairs…in a restaurant that had perfectly fine tables and chairs. Yeah.) Anywho, it was really nice to be able to spend time with both our families. Like I said, we hadn’t spent time together since the wedding two years ago. That’s what happens when we live out of town and my parents are only in town during the summers. We all miss out on spending holidays together, which is sad, but ’tis life.

Outside of family, I was able to meet up with my bestie from high school, which is always the best!! The husby also got to see a couple of his friends from high school, which was fun because I got to meet them as well. (HEY YA’LL!)

Overall, our trip was great! We’ve got to try to get back home more often, which is hard, but…’tis life.

Here a few pics from the trip:

The view from my parent's place!

The view from my parent’s place!

IMG_2427 FullSizeRender IMG_2393 IMG_2400


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