Two Trips in Two Weeks



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My husband and I took a trip to Detroit to visit our family two weeks ago.We hadn’t been home in a year and a half,  so it was great to get back there. We had a wonderful time, of course, and spent a lot of time with our families. We went to a baseball game (Go Tigers!), got to see a few friends and did a joint Mother’s Day brunch. It was the first time since our wedding that we were able to have both families together again, so that was really nice. It’s tough living away from family, which is why I always say, if you live near your family, treasure it!

Puerto Rico

Last Sunday, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! (YAY!) And because we like to go places for our anniversaries, we decided to head on over to Puerto Rico. Folks, this was exciting for me becaaaause….it’s the first (ok, technically second) time I’ve been out of the country!! [I’ve been to Canada many times, but does that count?]

We had a wonderful time, chilling on the beach, taking in the sea breezes and eating delicious food. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll write a separate post about it with pics. Maybe that’ll be up tomorrow? Definitely by this weekend.

Ok, this was really short. Sorry. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing. I’ve been MIA here and that’s frustrating for many reasons. I’m a wee bit stressed these days, so I can’t write the way I want to, so bear with me. My mind is pre-occupied with a lot right now. Normally,  I’d write about those things, but I just can’t right now. Maybe soon? We’ll see.

I’ll be back.



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