Is Jay Z Feeling A Little EN-TIDAL-ED?

You like that title? Oh yeeeah! 🙂

Kanye’s face is great! He’s serious about his music!

Do you stream music? If so, I’m sure you’ve heard about Jay Z’s new toy venture. If not, you can kinda catch up here. Or Google for even more info.

I didn’t know what all the fuss was about with TIDAL. So I did a little research. And I still don’t get the hype. Is it because it’s Jay? I like Jay…a lot! I actually own quite a few of his CDs and I don’t buy rap at ALL. I’m more of an R&B gal. 🙂  But I’m failing to see the excitement about this TIDAL (wave) of music. (Sorry, I had to throw in a wave reference.)

There are plenty of streaming services out there, namely Pandora and Spotify. I use both, but have probably used Spotify more in the last year. If you use these, then you already know these services offer free and paid options. The paid op gives you an ad-free experience and better sound quality. TIDAL offers the same, but for more money. OH, and there’s no free option because…capitalism. *ha* I’m fine with capitalism as long as it makes sense. In TIDAL’s case, it makes no sense. tidal-kanye-jayz-beyonce

TIDAL is all about the artists’…pockets. No, it really is. (They’ve been claiming for years that these current streaming services don’t give them a proper share of the funds. But that’s another blog post.) I’ve investigated (by going to TIDAL’s site) and I just can’t see how this is supposed to, 1) be more awesome than what’s out there and 2) benefit the user. Now, they say that if you pay a cool $19.99/month, you’ll receive the awesome “lossless” sound quality. It’s supposed to be better than the other services out there and give the user a REAL listening experience. I mean, that sounds good, but guess what? Ehhh, I don’t care. If you buy good headphones, I think you can get great sound. I’m not an audiophile though, so paying for expensive headphones and/or paying more for streaming doesn’t appeal to ME. Maybe for others, but not over here. #justsaying I should add, they also tout there will be exclusive music benefits, like early releases of new music, videos, etc. Again, that’s not really exciting (to me). 

In short, I read this article that gives a little more about the service and basically says what I just stated above, but even better.

All I can say is, good luck Jay! I hope this works out for you! If not, I guess you’ll just have to rely on all those darn millions you’ve already earned. :-O #OhSnap #iWentThere #HeDoesntCare #JayIsStillCoolWithMeThough





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