Lights. Camera. Action!

It’s March and that means time for some action!

Last night, I bought another domain name for my impending web design business!

Yes! It’s finally happening!!!

Whenever you are trying to pursue something, keep this in mind:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I’ll let you in on a little secret, or two:

1. On the outside, I appear to be a very patient person. On the inside, not so much!

2. Everything happens for a reason.

*Bonus Secret* 3. I’m very strategic, so I have to be patient.

I have to keep these things in mind, along with the above saying that God has me in this place for a reason. It’s difficult, but I have to trust this process. I have to trust that everything is happening as it should and that amazing things are on the way.

So, last night, it finally hit me that I needed to take a REAL step toward get my business going. After thinking it over and over in my head, I finally came up with a name. I’d been toiling around with ideas for months. I wanted it to be perfect. Honestly, I wanted it to be something short and sweet, something that people could easily remember. After going through a few dozen ideas, it finally hit me. It was weird because after looking through notes from December, I never wrote this name down!! I don’t know how that’s possible because it’s not like it’s complicated. In fact, this name should’ve been one of the first ideas I came up with, but I didn’t for whatever reason. Very strange, but it hit me and I bought the domain yesterday. I’m thrilled! And before I go any further, the name is NOT super unique, *lol*, so don’t get your hopes up. But it IS perfect. In fact, when you all hear/see it, you’ll think, “Tracey! How did you not think of this from the start?! Of COURSE this should be the name of your business!” And I’ll say, “I KNOW!!! It’s awesome, right?” 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next steps. To hold myself accountable, I’m throwing June out there. June is going to be when I get this show on the road for real. June is when I’ll start taking clients. The site may go live well before that, but June is when I want things to happen-happen. That’s only a few months away and seeing as it’s already March, I’m sure the time will pass quickly. I’m so excited! Once I get that into play, I’ll work on my next goal: THE BOOK.

Oh yeah, I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s been sitting there on my computer, waiting to get edited. It’s going to happen. Great things take time. I’m embracing the time because as I’ve been thinking about it, all I can say is, it’s going to be good. Those words…they’re just so good! And I’m going to make them even better once I start editing. I’m super happy I decided to go with the amount of words I have instead of trying to add more. I have 25,000 words, the perfect novella. The perfect amount to dip my toe into the realm of authorship. 🙂

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but ‘m not fond of odd-numbered years. I don’t know why. (Libra thing, perhaps?) 🙂  As soon as 2015 was on the brink, I got depressed. Like, herrrre we go. But dare I say, this year may be one of my best years to date?! Methinks it will be! Of course, 2013 was fabulous, as I got married to my fantastic husband! Hmm, so maybe things are good for me in the odd-numbered years. *nodding* I can dig it.



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