Daily Blog #19: Pinterest – Decor

In my mind, I’m an interior designer. And yes, I watch an obscene amount of HGTV (even though it’s not nearly as good as it used to be). I have all sorts of ideas to decorate the perfect home. Here are some screen shots from my “Decor” and “Dream Home” boards on Pinterest: (click pics to enlarge)


In this shot, I LOVE the space on the far left! It’s kinda loft-like, which I love, love, love! I love the airy-ness of the space, as well as the decor (of course). The wood on the ceiling and floor, tied in with the wood on the table is so beautiful. The lamps and dark paint just add a touch of drama to the space.



With this shot, the lamps (far left) are so gorgeous. They are so unique. Whenever we move into a permanent home, I hope to find some awesome pieces like this.



This picture (and maybe others) shows my love for bright colors, as well as for all white spaces. I love that closet pic (center). That dresser is to DIE for!



The bottom left photo of the black dresser would be so chic in the right space. I’m pretty sure this was a DIY pin. One thing I would love to do, is make some custom furniture for our home. If I could, I’d build something! But, I’m definitely down to take a blank slate (hey, IKEA) and turn them into something more appealing. I also love the pink desk in the center photo. Love pops of color in a room.



There are lots of things I love in this shot, from the bookshelf (far left) and cozy, oversized chair (left, next to bookshelf pic), to the DIY’d bookshelf (far right).



I love the pic on the far right. It’s from a loft and I love the mix of textures. The pic on the far left is also beautiful and a stark contrast from the image on the right. I can go from loving light, airy spaces, to dark, sexy spaces.

I think my overall ideal space would be very contemporary, with hints of sleek (think metals/industrial) modern accents/accessories. I do love feminine touches like this:



But I tend to lean towards more masculine decor like this:


I would probably do a different sofa, something a bit more comfy looking. But I would do it in the same leather. I love the mix of textures in this space. The partial brick wall (LOVE a brick wall) gives you this roughness, but then you mix in this leather sofa with plush pillows to soften the look. LOVE!!

Ok, one more post to come!




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