Daily Blog #18: Pinterest – Beauty

Let’s talk beauty!

I’ve already shared my obsession love for nails. So you will definitely see a lot of nails in these screen shots below.

As far as other beauty goes, I love makeup!  Although, I wish my skin sitch was in better shape so that I could get away with wearing minimal makeup (e.g. foundation). But I’ve always loved makeup, ever since I was little girl. Growing up seeing my mom and three older sisters wear makeup, it was a given I’d wear it too.

I think my favorite item is lipstick, with mascara and eyeliner in second place. I’ve recently gotten into blush. Blush is awesome! Where has it been all my life!?! *lol* Lately, I’ve been watching tons of Youtube videos and learning more about application and tips. I can’t get into the contouring and highlighting like so many girls do these days…certainly not for everyday. However, I like the idea of doing it for a very special occasion, so I’m still taking notes.

Below I’ve included just a few screen shots of the types of looks I like. (click pics to enlarge)





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