Daily Blog #16 – Pinterest Interests!

So for the final week of my (not-so) daily blog challenge, we’re talking about PINTEREST!!

Here’s the thing about Pinterest. It’s addictive. I could pin stuff for hours (and I have), but I rarely DO anything from the pins I’ve posted. I don’t really post a lot of recipes on Pinterest, so I don’t often try anything. Well, I take that back. I may have used some food pins as inspiration for meals. I also pin lots of makeup and hair ideas, but I don’t really create the looks/styles. I’m just one of those people that likes to pin stuff because…I like to imagine having lots of makeup and pretty clothes? *looks down. shuffles feet* 🙂

Seriously, Pinterest is fun and that’s why I do it. When I first found out about it, I seriously didn’t understand the … uh, joy? … in umm, pinning? I was like, “Uh huh. So. Youuu juuuust…”pin” things that you like? To a …”board”. Thennn what?!” *LOL* I did NOT get it at ALL! I was thoroughly confused. But, the more I searched through the pins/boards, I found myself very interested in…well, keeping those things for future reference. THAT’S when I got it! Pinterest is like a virtual vision board. And me likes vision boards (even though I’ve never made one in my life *lol*). I’ve wanted to make a vision board, but yeah, that takes effort. So yay for Pinterest! I was able to create lots of vision boards in a matter of minutes!

This week, I’ll share my favorite things to pin. In the meantime, if you’d like to check out my boards, feel free!




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