Daily Blog #14 – A Very Philly Valentine

This past Valentine’s weekend, the husband and I took a quick overnight trip (Sat – Sun) to the city of Brotherly Love. I hadn’t been to Philly in ages, so I suggested we go just to get out.

We stayed at Club Quarters (here’s the lobby).ClubQuartersPhiladelphia Lobby

The room was quaint, but nice. My only real complaint was the bed. It was a bit hard. I guess I can’t always get the Heavenly Bed treatment (heyyy Westin).

We didn’t do much on Valentine’s except go to dinner. It was snowing earlier when we had arrived, but thankfully, it stopped once we set out for dinner.

We went to Smokin’ Betty’s and had a lovely-ish meal.


I didn’t take the pic, but this is what I had. They look good, right? Too bad they didn’t taste that great.

Sweetie enjoyed his meal more than I did. I got the braised short rib tacos. They had so much potential, but fell flat. There was too much going on with them. The meat wasn’t seasoned very well, although it was very tender. There was an aioli on the tacos (see the yellow-ish sauce in the pic?), as well as guacamole and fried onion strings. Too many flavors going on. Everything sorta melded together in a not so great way. I think they should’ve ditched the guac. And they definitely needed to season the meat better. It also came with salsa. I actually added the salsa to cut through some of the “muddiness” of the flavors.

During dinner, it started snowing again, so that was a bit of a bummer. It was wet snow, which is the worst! And it was windy, so we had a soggy trek back to the hotel. We were a drenched mess by the time we got back.

We had planned on going to a jazz club about a block or so from our hotel, but didn’t get tickets in time. We passed it on the way back from dinner and it was PACKED! We looked for other places online before we left for dinner, but didn’t really want to go too far in the cold. And good thing we decided against it since it started to wet snow.

Sunday, our plan was to have brunch, then go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. But that didn’t quite happen. We wanted to eat at Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat (a place featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), but we could not find parking for the life of us!! We spent nearly an HOUR driving around. Philly, I had no idea your parking sitch was that bad. Goodness! We were trying to avoid the parking garages because they were so pricey. But we should’ve just parked in one. We decided to bail on Honey’s and just head to the museum. We ate in the cafeteria, which wasn’t terrible, but ya know…it was museum food. #wompwomp

We went to the PMA to see an exhibit called, “200 Years of African-American Art”. It was good, but I wasn’t wowed by it. And it wasn’t a very large exhibit. You’d think 200 years of art would be exhibited in a few rooms, right? Nope. Just one room. It was a large room, but I was definitely expecting more.


mmm donuts

After the museum, we had to redeem our trip by getting donuts! We went to Federal Donuts, another place we saw on the Food Network. (Yes, we went to Philly to eat everything we’ve seen on TV!)

The place was actually right around the corner from the hotel, which was a bummer because we could’ve gone there the day before. But that’s ok. Apparently this place is so popular, that they were out of several flavors by the time we got there (around 3pm. They close at 7p!) So we didn’t get the fancy donuts (chocolate peanut butter, honey glazed and blueberry mascarpone, for example) and ended up with their hot donuts covered in various sugars (see pic). We opted for the strawberry lavender, cinnamon-brown sugar and vanilla spice. They were delicious!


Half of my cheesesteak. It was glorious!!

We took our donuts and headed to our final destination: Ishkabibble’s! You can’t go to Philly and not get cheesesteaks! Awww yeahhhh! We got two to go and headed back to the Jerz.

That concludes my Philly recap. We’ll definitely have to get back there when it’s a weeee bit warmer. The weather was rough, but we made the best of it. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Daily Blog #14 – A Very Philly Valentine

  1. I just happened upon Federal Donuts the last time I was in Philly. I saw the sign and was like OMG I SAW THIS ON FOOD NETWORK. It was later in the day when we went and i wanted the hot donuts. We also tried the banana one and some others. ALLL SO GOOD. As well…I got the second to last order of chicken wings…SOOOO DELICIOUS. I have to get more next time I go. I want to do a Philly food trip too. I opened the links to all the restaurants you linked before I even finished reading! #fatgirl

  2. Ah, you experienced the Federal Donut #Struggle! I lived down the street from there and I still never got there in time to try one of their unique donuts. Smokin Betties is so/so for their main menu, but their Happy Hour menu is one of the best in Philly!

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