Daily Blog #11: Quick Favorites Wrap-up!

This past week was supposed to be about all my favorite things. And then, I got behind. Waaaay behind. I was trying to do multiple posts, but writing here and on TBS is difficult. Now I’m getting behind there too! Oy! So here’s what we’ll do. I’m gonna write a few of my favs down, with a little story, mmkay? Then, I’ll come back next week (uh, starting today??) during freestyle week and write more in-depth. Sounds like a good plan, right? Eh, maybe. Just go with it, k?

Thinking/Analyzing – I know. What the hell, right? Seriously, if anyone knew how much I think and analyze things… Actually, ask my husband. He knows and I’m sure he thinks I’m a very cute, yet crazy person. 🙂 I like “figuring out how to figure out, how to figure it out”. (If you worked with me at UMich, then you know exactly who would say that!) That quote pretty much sums up my brain.

I like to “break it down so that it will forever be broke”. (Name that movie.) Basically, don’t ask me questions like, “What do you think about _____?” because I’ll give about 2847261 pros and cons to the situation with a full summary at the end! I’m thorough with mine. *nods head*

Lists – Yeah. I make lists on lists on…you get it. Lists are LIFE! How anyone gets anything done without them is beyond me! I make:

• Packing lists for trips (for longer than a weekend)
• Cooking lists for large meals (to time it all out, so everything is ready together)
• Grocery lists (obviously)
• Pro/con lists (for any major decision)
• To-do lists (obviously obvious)

I keep mental lists of a lot of things, but remember how I like to write? Yeeeeah. I tend to write lists over and over again. So weird. But it helps me to memorize things. If I write a grocery list and forget it at home, no worries. Writing it helped me memorize it. (Random fact: I wouldn’t say I have a photographic memory, but it’s damn good…IF I write things down. Back in college, to study for tests, I didn’t just read over my notes. No. I’d re-write them over and over again. I know. I wasted a lot of trees back then. But, it helped me memorize the material. If you’re in college or studying for something, write your material over and over again. It works! That’s also how I prepared for speeches in school.)

  • Nails – Finally, my super favorite thing to do is paint my nails. Ya’ll know I don’t obsess over things, right? Yeah, I might be obsessed. Might. Maybe. Sorta. Kinda? Yeah, I love painting my nails. I was watching this girl on Youtube that makes nail art videos and her nail polish collection made my jaw drop. It was like ALL THE POLISH!!! She had enough polish to put Ulta, Sephora, Target, Sally’s, and Walmart to shame! And #iWantedItAll #itwassopretty #CanIHazPolish *weeps for polish*

I don’t have that sort of collection, but I have a lot for me. I feel like I have 100 bottles, but I think I have like 50-ish. I’ve had to get rid of some that have expired. Anyway, I’ve never been into my nails. When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader (surprise, surprise) and we couldn’t wear it when we cheered or competed. So we all just never wore it because we’d have to take it off pretty fast. In college, I was so used to NOT wearing it, I just didn’t for the most part. I honestly didn’t get into it until a few years ago. Not gonna lie, it gave me something to do as I applied to 3043037789 jobs. It’s fun though. One of these days, I’m going to get more into nail art. I’ve done a few things, but nothing too extensive. Check out me out on Instagram and you can see some pics.

I’m definitely going to talk more about this in another post. I can discuss favorite brands, how I get my nails to look like I got them done and more! *squeal*

Ok, since it’s technically Monday, I guess I should get to work on the next post!



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