Daily Blog #9 – Favorite Things – Coffee


Joe. Java. Mud. Black tea.

Whatever you call it, I call it delicious. Folks, my name is Tray and I L-O-V-E coffee. #coffeeaddict

I started drinking coffee when I was a kid. I know! Who lets their kid do that!? No no, I didn’t drink it on the regular or anything of the sort. You see, my parents drank it religiously every day. Each morning, after my mom would wake me up for school, she’d go into the kitchen to make coffee for her and my dad. She’d fill a glass kettle with water and boil it on the stove. She and my dad would drink some brand of instant coffee, usually Folgers, but sometimes Maxwell House.  My mom would make hers with just sugar, while my dad would make his with sugar and (powdered) creamer. For years, this was what I saw in my house, so I guess it was inevitable that I, too, would start drinking coffee.

If I had to blame anyone for my coffee habit, I’d have to blame my dad. 🙂  My dad always let me do things that my mom didn’t want me to do. (That’s why dad is awesome.) So when I’d ask to take a sip of his coffee as a little girl, he’d let me. And.it.was.delicious.

DE-LI-CIOUS. And I was hooked from then on. When I got older (read: still a kid, but older), my mom would let me have a whole half a cup! *lol* I think I was around 10 or 11. And again, this wasn’t a regular, every day thing. It was like, twice a year! So, yeah I wasn’t some kid drinking coffee every day. My parents are cool, but they ain’t crazy! 🙂

When I did get my whole half a cup, I made it like my dad’s. Let’s face it, sugar and cream make coffee super extra wonderful. I mean, just look at this:


mmm I want that. I want that so bad! *sigh*

So, coffee is one of my favorite things. I could drink it all day, but I don’t, of course. I’ve tried to though, and yeah, that’s not recommended. I limit myself to only two cups a day. I have an espresso machine and usually make myself two lattes each day. I know, fancy! Unfortunately, as of yesterday, my espresso machine died on me. *cue all the tears* No idea what’s wrong with it, but no worries. I have my french press ready to go!

coffeepics3If you want to become a coffee connoisseur, get a French press. Supposedly, real coffee G’s have French presses. So, I guess that makes me a real G. *nods head*

Since coffee is my favorite beverage, it’ll be no surprise that I love Starbucks. I’ve really slipped on my Starbucks game. I don’t go to Starbucks too much these days, but I do buy it and brew it at home, so I’m still ok. I have a goal to try all of their ground (or whole bean) coffees. I’ve only tried a few, which is terrible since I love them so much. My favorites to buy are the Sumatra and Caffé Verona. Verona is my number one choice though. It makes a great cup of coffee, as well as a great espresso.

Now, while I luuuurves me some Starbucks, I do not discriminate. I’ve tried a variety of places in NYC. NYC is great for coffee, as there are soooo many places here. I wish I could try them all. But I have to be honest, I don’t know if there’s a better place than Starbucks for me. Whenever I try a new place, my test order is a latte. Nothing fancy. Just a latte. If you can win me over with your latte, I’ll come back. I’ve had some decent lattes from some of the local NYC chains, but yeah I just love Starbucks.

I have, however, had some fantastic lattes at a few restaurants out here. I think it was during our second year here, we went to this restaurant in Brooklyn and I got a great latte (great restaurant also). Then, we went to one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants (Bar Americain) and I had a reeeeally good latte there. But in the end, Starbucks just does it for me. There’s just something I really like about their lattes. I also like consistency. I’ve been to an obscene a large number of Starbucks in NYC (and other cities) and they make the latte the exact same every time. It’s nice to know that no matter where I go, I can get my coffee exactly the way I like it every time. Now, some of you are scoffing at me because you don’t like Starbucks. mmhmm, I know. The Starbucks hate is strong, particularly for their drip coffee. Well, here’s my “pro” tip:

If you like just plain ‘ol drip coffee, do NOT go in and ask for a regular coffee. Ask specifically for their light (now called “blonde”) roast. You will love it and you can thank me later.

Here’s why: They brew a light, a medium and a medium decaf daily. On certain occasions, they will brew a dark roast. If you like just a plain ‘ol regular coffee, make sure you ask for the light (blonde) roast. It’ll be much, much better. I believe they tend to brew their drip coffees really strong. I love strong coffee, but their drips are not good. At all. However, if you get the blonde roast of the day, it should be great. Also, they re-did all of their light roasts a few years ago and they are actually pretty freaking great. The Veranda Blonde is a beautiful roast. It’s light, but has great body. The Willow Blonde is nice as well, very crisp and refreshing.

I know, I know… I told you I’m an addict!! I LOVE coffee!

Here’s another pro tip: If you like drip coffee, don’t go to Starbucks at all. Most of you already don’t go there because of that fact! *lol* I get it. I hardly EVER go to Starbucks for regular coffee. Where do I go? Go to Dunkin’. Yup. Go there and get a great regular coffee. Do NOT go there for a latte, unless you’re just tryna stunt trying to look cool with a latte. Nah. They have the WORST lattes on this planet. Sorry. It’s true. If DD isn’t your thing, go to Tim Hortons. Oh my goodness, they have the best regular coffee!! It beats DD in a heartbeat, in my opinion. If you want something a little “fancy”, try one of Tim Hortons’ mochas. You will thank me later. Oh, you don’t have a Timmy’s in your area? Umm, go to Canada and try it? J/K. If you don’t have a Tim’s, Coffee Beanery is good. Biggby is also decent….get a mocha. Delicious.

Ok, I guessss that about does it. I know I’m a crazy coffee lady. I blame my parents! *lol*

Until next time…maybe later today? *lol* I’ve said that before, haven’t I? 🙂



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