Eight Discoveries I Made in 2014

Well, well, well. If it isn’t 2015.

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It’s weird to type those numbers. 2015. Wasn’t it just 1999 or some other year that was seemingly just here? Eh, oh well. We’re here in 2015 and like many of you, I’m hoping it’ll be an awesome year!

Typically, I don’t do resolutions. What I like to do, is try to look back at the previous year and evaluate what I need to do differently for the new year.  I think it helps to always look at yourself with a critical eye from time to time, and what better time to do it than at the end of the year, right? However, this time, I’m going to change it up a little and discuss what I discovered about myself last year. So let’s go!

1.) I pray more – I haven’t made this public (I don’t think), but I’ve been working on improving my relationship with God. Back when I turned 30, I started really working on getting closer to God. I won’t go into further detail, but this is something I was thinking about recently and I’m very happy with how far I’ve come.

2.) I’m more positive – Because I pray more, my positivity has increased. I still have my moments, but overall, I feel like I’ve gotten more positive. And this has been steadily increasing over the years, not just in this last year.

3.) I’m trying to just live life – I have been steadily trying to eat better/workout over these last few years. Sometimes, I can be very hard on myself if I don’t eat the best or slack off on my workouts. But I’m trying to just live life and say, “hey, it’s ok”. I’m not perfect. But that’s why there’s a tomorrow, so I can get the chance to do better. And of course, I pray that I get to see many tomorrows, so that I can try again.

4.) I hold back – I hold back on a LOT of things. But one of the things I hold back on is voicing my thoughts here. That’s quite bothersome to me. Mainly, I do it because while I’m sure you all will love me no matter what, I still write with great care not to offend anyone. From here on out, let’s just be on the same page about that, shall we? When I voice something here, it’s for a number of reasons. One of those reasons will never be to offend. That’s just not how I roll. Usually, I write to get things out of my head. I have too many thoughts! They have to go somewhere, otherwise, I will burst at the seams! So I write. Some people eat ice cream. Some people call their best friend. I write. Most times, I write the most ridiculous things because well, I have ridiculous thoughts. *lol* Half the time, once I get those thoughts out here, I forget about them! So, if anything ever seems questionable here, ask me about it. The comment section is down there for a reason. Please, please don’t assume I’m being a crazy person. I mean, I am crazy, but I’m not a lunatic. Nor am I an a**hole. 🙂

5.) I want to be a better me, but I’m still ok with the current me – Gosh, if this isn’t a Libra statement, I don’t know what it is! *lol* So indecisive! But this makes sense, right? I want to be better, but…I’m fine with who I am at the moment too. I swear, this is a thing and I’m sticking to it.

6.) I’m turning into my mom – I’m sure my sister will laugh at this because we constantly talk about how we are turning into our mother. But ’tis true. There are certain things that are slowly, but surely emerging from me that come directly from my mom. Honestly, it’s not bad stuff, I swear! But, I know it’s bad when I’m staring at the dust starting to accumulate on our TV stand and I have this urge to put down my [enter food or beverage here] to clean it. Seriously. I cannot believe this is happening to me. *sigh* #IDidNotUseToBeThisWay

7.) I like nice things – No. More like, I like expensive things. *lol* This was evidenced by my husband when we’d shop online. For some reason, I pick out the most expensive things. I don’t know what it is. I blame it on being a Libra. We like really, really nice things. 🙂 And I’m not saying I NEED those expensive things. No, no. I’m fine with something more affordable. I’m just saying, I have a…gift…for picking out expensive items. For example, when shopping for a pair of affordable boots at DSW a month or so ago, every single pair I liked was at least $100+. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that (to me), however I wanted to spend around $50. My *gift* doesn’t allow me to easily point those lesser items out. *shrugs* 🙂 #iLikeREALLYNiceThings

8.) I’m not interested in being like everyone – I keep finding myself not wanting to do what everyone else does. At first, it brings me anxiety. But then I think, eh, who cares. But what does “being like everyone else” mean? That’s another blog for another day.

Alrighty, that’s about all I’ve discovered from 2014. I’m sure there were more, but eight was enough.

So what shall I discover in 2015? Ohh, who knows. First, can I say that I dislike odd-numbered years? I know, I’m such a weirdo. But, I don’t feel great about them. However, great things seem to happen to me in odd-numbered years, so perhaps I should start liking them, eh? We’ll see. I think this year will actually be awesome. I’ve got some things up my sleeve. One thing will be coming soon, promise.

Another thing I’m going to do is take what I’ve written thus far with my book and self-publish it. Hopefully my friend who offered to help edit is still willing to do that for me 🙂 But I decided to do this because my story came to a halt. I seriously wrote a novella. And instead of trying to continue it, I was inspired by something I was reading on the internet and decided to take this other route. My story is good and I think if I try to add on to it, it’ll water it down. It’s better for me to tighten it up and get it out to the people! *raises fist* So that’s Plan #2. Plan #1 is to work on this other little thing first, then work on the book. Plan #3 is the web design business. I’m trying to come up with a name. Any suggestions? Send them my way! But basically, I’m putting that into motion this year because I’m determined to work for myself. I can’t go back to the 9-5 grind. Done. Over it.

See? 2015 is going to be awesome! Aren’t you excited? Me too! *high five*

Chat soon guys,


p.s. – As you can see, the site is different. It may change again before January is over, but I think this is going to be the new style. 🙂


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