Sad Times


This post is going to be a little…well, a little sad. 

By now, everyone’s heard that the NYPD officer involved in the choking death of Eric Garner, will not be indicted. Call me whatever, but I was surprised by this. I know, I’m a fool. But given the fact that this incident was caught on video, I thought FOR SURE he’d be indicted. I can only shake my head. It’s truly, truly sad.

As much as I want to be positive about the world we live in, today I’m not feeling it. Maybe I’ll feel it later. But for now, not positive. Not happy. All I can say is, I’m sad. I’m sad, confused, angry and annoyed. I wish people understood how tragic these deaths are, as well as how horrible it is that they keep happening without anyone (the police) not facing any consequences. 

I think I heard something…or saw something… that basically blamed Obama for this racial upheaval. [People looove blaming Obama.] I don’t know if it was a joke or what, but they (whoever they were) said that his presidency has brought to light all of the racial tension that had essentially been “buried” years ago. What? I mean, are people naive enough to think that we got over ALL of the issues that revolved around race because we have a Black president? Really!? I can’t even comprehend that level of thinking. There’s also this thinking that, if we don’t talk about race, racism doesn’t exist. Again, what?

These recent debates and arguments make me realize that there are a lot of people out there believing we live in a color-blind society (I know people hate that term/concept). All of the articles and blogs I’ve been reading, I’m just perplexed that people are so oblivious to race and the issues that STILL exist today for people of color in this country. And you know, I DO understand where these people are coming from. People that want a colorless society want something that would ideally be wonderful. They want everyone to be seen as people, as humans. I get it. It’s not a bad idea if you think about it in the sense that we are all just one race. The human race. Race, as I’ve mentioned (and I’m sure you all know), is socially-constructed. It’s not accurate at all.

If we could eliminate the idea of black, white, brown, etc, that would be great. However, the problem with thinking about having a colorless society is that today, too many people will allow themselves to be even more ignorant about others than they already are. Attempting to create such a society would mean the continuation of ignoring the struggles, inequality, and the outright discrimination that people of color face. To anyone that wants a colorless society, all I can say is open your eyes FIRST. Realize that not everyone can live the same lives as you. Realize that not everyone is afforded the same opportunities as you. Realize that for whatever reason, our law enforcement is out to prove that people of color should be locked away and even killed because their lives don’t seem to matter. If this seems false, take a look at this hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite on Twitter. Unbelievable. (If that link doesn’t work, I’m sure you can google the tag and dozens of tweets will pop up.)

We’ll never get to the place of being ONE society if we continue down this path of ignorance. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, however, in this case, ignorance is proving to be fatal. And not for those that are ignoring the truth.  

On another sad note, I spoke with my mother today and she shared some news that one of her friends had passed away. Her friend had a massive heart attack. I’ve met her friend a couple times and she was such a lovely woman. Last year, another one of my mom’s friends passed. I had only met her once. We went over to her and her husband’s home (they live behind my parent’s house in FL). She had made a caramel apple pie. CARAMEL.APPLE.PIE!!!!!! If you don’t know, I’m sorta in love with pies. I’m totally a pie person. TOTALLY. I had never had a more delicious pie in my LIFE! I can still taste it. *sigh* Two wonderful people taken way too soon.

Then my mother tells me some stuff about my nephew. I don’t know if my nephew will read this, but if so, just know that I’m praying for you. I pray for you all the time. I know life has been difficult for you in the last 4-5 years, but hang in there. You’re a very smart young man. I always tell you that. You just have to apply yourself! I love you very much and I always will, no matter what. And I’ll try my best to help you whenever I can. Just keep pushing and stay in prayer because God is listening. And your mom is looking down on you. She wanted the best for you and I know you know that. You’re just like your mom. Whenever she was down, she picked herself back up and kept going. So I know you’ll be ok. 🙂

Yesterday was just a tough day. We all have them from time to time. I shed a few tears, which happens. It’s good to get the emotion out, as it calms me and gives me some clarity. And I just pray about it all. I pray and don’t worry because there’s no need to worry when you pray. I put it all on the Lord and He takes care of it. 

I didn’t expect this post to be this long. So I’ll end here. 

Pray for peace. Pray for guidance. If you don’t pray, send positive vibes out into the world. We need it. 



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