How To Get Away With Murder: Ep. 8 Recap

Hey guys!

I did a short video (below the post) on a few things I found interesting (and even a little exciting) from last week’s episode, “He Has A Wife”. But in order to keep the video short, I decided to discuss the ep’s case of the week here.


I thought their weekly case was pretty decent this week. As I’ve mentioned before (I think), I haven’t paid much attention to the cases each week. I’m not saying they’ve been terrible, but….they’ve been pretty lackluster. I just feel like the cases are probably the last thing anyone worries about when watching the show. There’s simply too much going on to really care about these cases, which is probably why the cases haven’t been that great.

The only thing I like about the cases at this point, are that they provide us the chance to see inside the classroom. I do like the idea of Annalise breaking down the case through the lesson for the week. Unfortunately, the greatness of the classroom scenes stop there. I’ll discuss how they can be better in another post.

This week’s case revolves around a mom that sleep walks due to her nightly sleep medication. She discovers she’s killed her family’s beloved nanny…while she was sleep walking! I thought this was an interesting case. It was probably the first one I really paid attention to since the show began. No, I take that back, the case with the death row inmate was decent, but it could’ve been better. And I say that because I can barely remember what happened. 😦

Well, we find out the husband killed the nanny and pinned it on the wife. He discovered that his son had been sleeping with the nanny…just like he had also been doing! WHAAAT!? It wasn’t really clear to me, but I’m assuming he killed the nanny because he was upset she’d also been sleeping with his son. I re-watched this episode, but fast forwarded through the trial. My bad. Nevertheless, I feel like this was a good case. Oh, and I thought it was crazy how the wife was pissed at Annalise for getting her husband locked up. She was like, “You work for ME!” I was like, umm, hey lady. Your husband just tried to frame you for murder!!! WTF? That was so unreal for her to be upset. Annalise was like, “You’ll thank me later”. lol!

Ok, check out the video for the rest of my review/recap!


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