Real Talk

The end of the year is upon us, friends. I can’t believe we will soon be approaching the holiday season and the year 2015. Time flies, indeed.

I have nothing really important to talk about. Just wanted to write because it’s important that I do so as often as possible. But while I’m here, allow me to just share a few thoughts.

I was thinking the other day about how the older I get, the less tolerance I have for things. Those of you who are my age or older, has this happened/been happening to you?

Everyday, I see, read or hear things that just make me sigh and want to retreat to a deserted island to be alone (with my husband, of course). These days, I seem to constantly want to get away from everything. There is so much violence. There is so much anger. And there is a LOT of whining and complaining. It seems as if people have taken up the task of doing everything EXCEPT living the best life they can.

I’m not saying we can’t have a moment to break down and release pent up emotions. We all have bad days and I think it’s healthy to get those things out of the body, the mind. However, when it becomes a daily occurrence, that’s when it seems so counterintuitive. It seems like a constant and consistent need to rant and rave makes things worse, not better. At least, that sorta thing wouldn’t make me feel better.

The mid-term elections have come and past. I’m not too worried about the GOP taking the Senate. It won’t change anything. It’ll be more of the same, just more annoying than before. The President will have to take things into his own hands to get things done. He’ll will have to stop being so … well… conservative, and just make things happen his way. We’ll see how it goes. One thing about this country that we can’t deny is, no matter how tough or long the road is, we always get to where we’re going.

In other news…

As I said, the holiday season is upon us again. I’m not that excited about it at the moment. I don’t know why. There’s a chance I won’t be able to see my parents before the year is out, so that’s a bummer. I suppose that’s one of the disadvantages of living in a different state than your family. I think I only get to see them once a year these days. If you live near your family, even if it’s an hour away, realize you are blessed and fortunate. I really miss the days when I lived in Ann Arbor and my parents were just a quick 45 minute drive away. Now, it’s more like a two hour flight. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to live near them again. In the meantime, I chat with my mom weekly and we swop stories about recent trips to the grocery store or doctors’ visits. I never thought in a million years that we’d talk about how often we go to the doctor. I guess that’s called getting older.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now in NYC. Funny, I just finished an eye appointment. The doc had to have been 100 years old. He was so nice though. I need to order some new glasses. I’m thinking about tortoise shell. Anyway, as I’m sitting here, a couple comes and sits right across from me. We’re sitting at a long table. You know how Starbucks’ are with their long tables. I feel like they’re staring at me type. That’s unnerving to say the least. But I have my headphones on and am trying to block them out as much as possible.

And of course, I’m drinking a latte 🙂

What was I going to say…oh yes, more rambling. So the husband and I haven’t taken a trip since we got married last year. We took a little honeymoon to Ft. Lauderdale. Then in November, we went to MI. By that doesn’t count. It was for Thanksgiving. While that was lovely, it was cold and for family purposes. One of these days, we’ll take a proper trip. I’m sure it’ll be well worth it when it happens.

Haha, someone was about to sit next to me but decided against it.

The couple is still sitting awkwardly across from me. This table isn’t that deep/wide (however you want to describe it), so it is mighty uncomfortable. But I’ve learned that living in NYC, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no space here. If you don’t like sharing personal space, this isn’t the place for you.

Well, I’m gonna end this because I’m sure you are bored to tears if you’ve gotten this far! *lol*

Happy weekend to ya!



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