Social Media Hiatus

I’m going off the grid, people. No Facebook. No Twitter. Just blogging. I won’t be posting up any links to the blog, so if you’d like to check in, definitely bookmark my site.

What sparked this need to be social media free?

Just for a while, I want to live the way I/we used to live. Remember, back in the day, pre-social media? Yeah, I need that. *reminiscing*

You see, every day I check FB and Twitter. I actually check Twitter way more than FB. Still, both sites are checked daily. Recently, I came to the conclusion that I need to turn my brain off from engaging with so much information. I just feel overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by all the sharing. There’s just so.much.sharing!!!! *screams*

-Some people share memes all day. (We get it, you like funny things.)

-Some people share kid pics all day. (We get it, you think your kid is awesome/cute/smart.)

-Some people share really horrific/terrifying things all day. (We get it, you think the world is gonna end.)

-And some people share news all day. (We get it, you want to be informed.)

I wish ya’ll could see my feed. Well, let me not wish for that because Mark Zuckerberg might be thinking of a way to make that happen as I type this! Frankly, I wish FB would die a horrible death just disappear. Twitter is different, but is getting to the same level. At least on Twitter, I can avoid a lot of, umm…crap things I don’t want to see.

On a regular basis, we just don’t share that much during our in-person interactions. Or rather, we don’t share the types of things in-person that we share on social media. So why do we share so much crap/nonsense/super long status messages on FB/Twitter? Why do we feel the need to tell everyone everything we’ve experienced in our day? Perhaps we need to start using our phones again to call people instead of posting/tweeting all day? Hmmm…it’s like the less physical interactions we have with people, the more we interact with them online. Isn’t that weird?? Did I just blow your mind??

No? Eh, it was worth a shot. 🙂

I try super hard NOT to share a lot on FB. And if I do share a lot, please feel free to hide my posts. Seriously, I won’t be offended….because clearly I won’t know you’ve decided to hide my posts *lol*. I do tweet more than I post on FB, but I still make the attempt not to tweet all day long.

Long story short: I’m off the grid. I’m not deleting any accounts. I’m just not going to check/post anything. I don’t have a plan for how long I’ll be gone. Ideally, I’d like to take a whole month off. But we’ll see.

¡Adíos amigos! If you miss me, you can come see me here. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Social Media Hiatus

  1. I’m going to join you on your social media hiatus! Each time I log on to Facebook I constantly ask myself why am I here? I don’t really care for nearly 90% of the content that most people share all damn day. But for some strange reason, I keep going back for more. I’ve already reduced the amount of information I share online because, like you, I realized I was sharing so much more online than I was in person. I didn’t think it was fair and felt it was ridiculous to share so much personal information with a large group of people who, like me, probably don’t care! This is my long way of saying kudos, Tray! I’ll join you on the flip side! 🙂

    1. Yes! I totally agree with you! Esp about sharing so much and no one really caring. Lol! I’d rather share meaningful things with people who actually care. And I tried sharing mostly meaningful things on FB but I’m sure most people didn’t even see what I’ve shared anyway! So yeah I’m glad to know someone else shares my same sentiment 🙂 Welcome to the flip side!

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