Just Some Odds ‘n Ends

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a little…series?…centered around what I think about certain things. And perhaps this can start up more dialogue here or on zee Book of Face. 🙂  I’ve been hesitant to do it because I don’t want it to come across like I’m judging or hating on something. Call me crazy, but I believe back in the day, we used to have discussions about things going on in the world. Remember those days? Yes, I do. They were nice. So, perhaps I’ll do this once a week and maybe we can chat about it? Let’s hope!

So…how about that Ebola? It’s scary. Not gonna lie. Read today that the man in Texas that came from Liberia has taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully he’ll be ok. Liberian officials want to file criminal charges against him for lying on the health questionnaire before he left Liberia. Umm, wellllll…. how about we see if he recovers first? Even so, I don’t know if that’s going to be the right thing to do. That could totally backfire on them and stop others from coming forward about having been around possibly Ebola-effected people. I don’t know. It’s NOT cool he lied. Seriously, that is jacked up! Dude, how you gon’ lie?!?!  But, on the flip side, they have to think about whether or not charging him is going to help matters. Everyone’s on edge about it. OH and with flu season coming, Lord, it is going to be a MESS!! Are we going to be asking, “Is it the flu or Ebola?” Seriously, this is not going to be pretty. Everyone will just have to stay away from everyone!

*drums fingers on desk*

Yeahhhh, so I didn’t have much to say today! Didn’t do much this weekend. I can’t believe it’s October!! What the hell?! How is the year almost over! This year flew by. We say that every year though, right? Last week, when my parents called me to wish me happy birthday, they were saying that every year goes by faster the older you get. Man, ain’t that the TRUTH! When I was little, I wanted so badly to be older. Like, not older as in a teenager, but older like an adult! Geez, why did I wish that again?? Crazy.

*drums fingers on desk again*

OH! So did people check out the interview with Oprah and Raven Symone? I only saw clips because we don’t have OWN. Anyway, so people are freaking out about her not wanting to be labeled. Why? I don’t understand why we get so up in arms about labels. I think in our country, we love to put people into boxes. We love to say, “Ok, she/he is a _____”. I think it helps us feel better in some way, knowing that we can clearly identify someone. I’ve just gotten to the point where, if I don’t know them personally, I don’t care. The only reason I would care (if I knew them), is so that I could identify them according to their wishes. Unless of course, they chose not to be labeled, then it’s just a moot point, right? *lol*  Anyway…Raven’s makeup was gorgeous!! That eye makeup….girlllll. Hot! #ThatsAll

Umm, how ’bout those Tigers? Nope. How ’bout those Wolverines? Nope. How ’bout those Lions? Well, I’ll say nope for now! *lol* Perhaps they’ll redeem themselves once they get a kicker! I vote for this guy!!!! Not going to happen, but a girl can dream. 🙂

Alrighty, time to hit the gym! I’ll be back later in the week with a more interesting blog (I hope)!



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