And Awaaaaaay We Go! (7)

Back in the day, we used to take LOTS of road trips as a family. To this day, I hate loathe am not really into long (over 5 hours) road trips. But of course, I’ve been on several as an adult (shout out to my girl A.B. when we drove 17hrs from DC to FL for Spring Break!). As a kid though, road trips to the south (usually to Louisiana) for family reunions were the norm. We’ve also road tripped from MI to Oklahoma and Texas. I can’t even begin to talk about how long those trips were, but you can imagine.

One of the cool things though, was when I got older (10 or 11-ish), I could take friends with me. That made trips SO much better. One of my favorite trips as a kid was the time we went to Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. People usually go to Cedar Point (another very popular Ohio amusement park, for those that don’t know), but we decided to check out Kings Island. I got to take one of my good friends that lived down the street from me. Man, was that a fun trip! The best part of it was the water park section. OH MY GOSH! Wait, can I just tell you all that I LOVE water! One day, I MUST live in a home overlooking a body of water…ocean, lake….hell, I’ll take a pond! I’m in love with water. But I digress.

My friend and I LIVED in that park that day! *lol* I can’t even tell you how many times we went on the Kings Mill Run, which was basically this lazy river type ride. You get this big inner tube and just float around. SO nice! Of course, we got on everything else too. It was a great time.

I also remember that I really loved going on trips with my parents, even as I got into my teen years. My parents are so fun on trips. I think it was because they’d buy me lots of stuff! haha! No, seriously, they are just cool people and I will always remember the fun I had on our trips (despite the long, long drives). 🙂

More memories to come 🙂



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