And The Countdown Begins!!

It was a cold, rainy September morning. A wife and husband get into their car and make their way to Metropolitan Hospital. The nine month wait was finally over. The anticipation of the miracle that would grace this Earth was so great, they could hardly contain themselves! Their precious baby girl would soon be in their arms…


I love making up stories regarding my birth! *lol* I have NO idea if it was cold and rainy the day I was born. But seeing as how I was born in MI, that type of weather, especially in September, could totally be true. OR…it could’ve been 90 degrees. Who knows. Well…I guess my parents know. Hmmm. 

GET READY PEOPLE!! In TEN more days, the kid turns the big 3-6. Yup, it’s birthday time!!!! #TeamLibra

Wow, I’m gonna be over the 35 hump. *sigh* *lol*

This day had to come, didn’t it? Well… no, I guess it didn’t have to, so let me be the first and say that I’m happy to see it arrive! Shout out to the sweet, tiny baby Jesus for another year! I’m happy for it. Thankful for it. And I pray for many, many more!

Well, since I’m in the blogging spirit, perhaps for the remaining 10 days, I’ll blog each day about something pertaining to my life. Ya know, stuff like things I’m thankful for, or maybe stories about my childhood…things of that nature. Hope you’re up for it! 🙂



4 thoughts on “And The Countdown Begins!!

  1. I liked 36. 37, 38, 39, 40 … not bad. What I actually felt more was honeybun turning 49. That had a bit of an ugh to it. :0) lol. Hope your next 10 days are a blissfully fun prelude leading into your wonderful next year!!! :0) Happy Upcoming Birthday!!!

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