We’ve Got Decisions To Make

Lately, it seems like there’s been quite a few friends going through various ailments/illnesses. Well, add me to the list.

Earlier this year, I found out I have fibroids. It’s pretty common, particularly amongst Af-Am women. You can read all about it here and here.

If you’ve skimmed the articles, I’ll say that I fall into the category of women that have zero symptoms from fibroids. I’m not in pain or anything of the sort. They’re just there, hanging out. The only thing that I experience is slight heaviness in my belly. Basically feels like a hard mass in my abdomen. Sleeping was an issue at first, but I’m used to it. Other than that, I’m fine. Until last Friday.

Last Friday, I was getting my exercise on (ya know, just trying to stay slim and trim). But upon finishing my ab work, I starting getting a bit crampy. I was a little taken by that, but I figured I must’ve just…moved too much for my fibroids liking *lol*. I mean, I was doing ab exercises, so I didn’t think too much about it. Typically when I work out the abs, I try not to overdo it. In general, it’s hard for me to really exercise my abs because it’s uncomfortable to do so. But I guess this time, I overdid it. The cramps were mild. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being excruciating, I was at a 1. Maybe a 1.5. I took some meds and they helped. Cool. The next day however, I had more cramps, a little bit worse than the day before. Maybe a level 3 this time. I’ve had worse cramps, so these were nothing. I took some more meds. All good.

Sunday was the same and that’s when I started to get a little worried. The husby (new word!) suggested I go see my doc. I agreed because now, I’m worried…and annoyed! Cramps just ruin my day. I just want to punch the air when I’m cramping. UGH! Ladies that experience menstrual cramps, you feel me.

Monday rolls around and now my cramps have been replaced by a low grade fever. Tuesday is the same thing. Advil is now my best friend. I’m slightly freaked out now. I scheduled an appointment with my doc.


I see the doc. Of course, I feel totally fine. Why does that happen!? Fever was gone. No cramps. I DO, however, feel more heaviness in my lower abdomen. Sleeping is a b*tch. I can only lay on my back, which does not help me fall asleep. I just lay there. Staring at the ceiling. Because I really want to lay on my stomach. (I know, you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach. Sue me.) I tell the doc everything, she examines me, etc. In a nutshell, these bad boys have gotten larger, which is why I got the fever and cramps. (FYI: My doc said exercising won’t ever cause problems for me, even with the fibroids attached. The uterus is stable enough to handle it. I mean, duh, right? It can handle a baby, so exercise is no big deal!)


She says, “I think we’re at that point where we need to have you talk to a surgeon.”

*sad face* *groan some more*

She said a LOT of other very, very informative things.

If you read the articles, then you know that unless fibroids are causing a lot of pain or present complications with getting pregnant/carrying to term, fibroids can just stay in your body forever. Ok, not forever. But essentially, once a woman enters menopause, they shrink. They’re really nothing to worry about, which is nice in theory. However for me, I now have a big decision to make because we’d like to have a kid (or two) one day (sooner rather than later). Surgery is now on the table because A) their size. The larger they get, the more complications I will have if I’m able to conceive. And if I’m able, I’m going to have (from my doc’s perspective) a painful pregnancy. [I’ve confirmed my doctor’s words from the millions dozens of articles I’ve been reading about being pregnant with fibroids. I WILL have a difficult pregnancy given the size of my fibroids. They are quite big. Not the biggest they could be (according to my doctor),  but they are substantial. Think navel oranges.]

Oh yeah, and B) I’m “old”. UGH! *shakes fist*

Surgery sounds…well, surgery sounds scary! But, also, it presents an issue in and of itself. Once surgery is done on the uterus, it will obviously be weak, and be weak for some time. In order for me to successfully carry a baby, the uterus will need quite a bit of recovery time to fully heal before we can even think about trying to conceive. That healing/recovery time puts me in a precarious situation in that, the fibroids could grow back during that time. YES, basically, you can get rid of them via surgery (or other methods), but unless you remove the uterus completely, they will grow back until there’s a loss of blood and estrogen to the uterus (i.e. like during menopause). And getting rid of the uterus (hysterectomy) means no baby. 😦 But that’s the ultimate last solution, which will never be on the table for me.

Sooo… surgery could help, but it’s also risky. Well, any surgery is risky.

I’m going to end this by saying these things:

1. I don’t like being an adult.

2. I generally love being a woman, but yesterday, I didn’t like it one bit.

3. Men are SO lucky they don’t have uteruses uteri or breasts. (I guess they sorta have breasts, but not really.)

4. Hindsight is 20/20.

5. I’m going to pray that God delivers an answer to me, because we have NO idea what to do.

6. Have a good weekend. 🙂



One thought on “We’ve Got Decisions To Make

  1. Hiya Tracey. Ugh for sure. Being a girl … or rather … having b*itchy hormones is hard. I feel ya for sure. Which ever route you decide, we wish you a speedy recovery, healthy and happy pregnancies, and excellent health always! :0)

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