Ray Rice, Will and Kate, and Other News-y Things

There’s so much going on today! Where to begin?! Let’s start with the bad:

Ray Rice –  So this happened and apparently, the NFL never saw this video when they issued his initial two game suspension. I don’t know about that. Sounds suspect. But…he’s suspended indefinitely now. 

Glad the NFL took these steps immediately. I mean seriously, he should’ve had this penalty to begin with. I wrote about this before, but this dude knocked his then fiancé–now wife–OUT! Knocked her OUT! 

Now, I can’t believe that after this incident, she went on to marry him. UGH. But I recently read this transcript from a woman doing a TEDtalk where she discussed the domestic violence she experienced. It was heart wrenching to read. The talk was about why women don’t leave their abusive partners and she shared her story as an example. After reading it, in her situation, it seemed like it centered around the fear of what if she left. She stated statistics about the number of women who are murdered by their abusers when they attempt to leave. That was part of why she didn’t/felt she couldn’t leave. The other part being she still loved this man despite what he was doing to her. But she finally had enough and basically told everyone around her, including the police, about her situation and that’s how she got away from her husband. Again, read the story. It was just…wow. Reading that shed some light on why Janay (Rice’s wife) probably decided to go through the marriage. It’s just sad. 

I really hope Rice getting a LOT of help (he has plenty of time to receive it now). I hope Janay is getting help too. No one should be hitting anyone, but for a man–an NFL football player at that–to hit a woman….absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!! She needs to know that. I hope she has someone in her corner telling her she deserves more. 

Moving on to greener pastures…

The Royal Family –  Kate is preggo!! That’s exciting! I don’t follow the Royals that much, but I love Kate and Will. I love seeing wonderful relationships. And they just seem so meant for each other. Of course, I say this based on perusing lots of pictures! *lol* Obviously, I don’t know them, but they just look like a great couple and I’m sure they are wonderful parents. That little Prince George is such a cutie. I think I echo many by saying, I hope she has a little girl! Yay for royal babies!

Neil Patrick Harris – NPH got married to his partner this weekend! Yay for them! I love NPH. I’ve been a fan since the Doogie Howser days. #oldschool I follow him on Twitter and he’s awesome. Congrats to him!

NY Fashion Week – Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! I lurve Fashion Week! Now that we’re out here in the #Jerz, I’m following along via Instagram and Twitter. I need to find this site I used previous years to look at the shows. Fashion is fun. 🙂

I feel like I had more to say, but I can’t think of the words now. I hate it when that happens. *shakes fist in the air* I’m feeling a bit out of sorts because of a small ailment I have going on. Going to the doc this week. It’s nothing to worry about though, just need to make sure things are ok. 🙂  

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have another blog later this week!


p.s. I know my Wolverines are sad about the loss this Sat. *sigh* Let’s hope the loss doesn’t knock down our spirit too much. We’ve gotta fight on!!! #GoBlue  I will say though, that Ohio losing made me feel better. 🙂  #evillaugh


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