Moving Forward

Happy Friday! 

This has been quite the week in our nation! Glad to hear things are turning around in Ferguson. The people have been protesting peacefully, with the assistance of the Missouri Highway Patrol now. So that’s definitely a good thing.

Today, if you haven’t heard, they released the name of the officer that was responsible for shooting Mike Brown. Supposedly, the officer believed Brown was a robbery suspect. In the link, they show photos of the video surveillance from the convenience store that was robbed, along with the officer’s report. I’m not going to say it’s not Brown, but…. let’s just say the photos are unclear. It’s a large Black guy. That’s all I can really see. And if that’s all I can see, how can the officer say for sure that was Brown? Is the actual video footage any better? I’m just curious. Regardless, it still doesn’t justify killing Brown by any means. 

I hope in the weeks to come, they gather more details about what happened. I hope they interview Dorian Johnson, the young man that was with Brown that day, as well as the other witnesses. Let’s just continue to pray for Mike’s family and for everyone in Ferguson. 

Next week, or maybe even this weekend, I’ll get back into the fitness/healthy eating posts I had intended to talk about this week. 

Have a good weekend! 


p.s. As you can see, I have another new site design. I’m still figuring out if I like or not. I’m using templates, so it’s hard to find one that has all the bells and whistles I like. Bear with me. This might change again. 🙂 


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