“Seattle Mall Cop Pepper Sprays Innocent Black Male Passerby at Protest”

I’m not writing today because I saw this video and story posted on Jesse Williams’ (“Grey’s Anatomy” actor) tumblr page today. I had to share this because seriously, these stories keep popping up.


A pro-Israel protest in Seattle is going on outside a mall, when protestors report to mall security that “a white male ‘with no shirt on was causing a disturbance and ‘picking a fight’ with the protesters'”. Security, for some reason, pepper sprays and detains a Black man who had nothing to do with the protest.

The young man was apparently going into the mall to meet a friend when the white guy approached him. The person that took the video and photos said that the white guy said something to the Black guy, which made him pause and look back at the white guy. Mall security was standing right there, witnessed the incident and for whatever reason, pepper sprayed and grabbed the Black guy. Protestors took action and start yelling at the mall cop that they had the wrong man. The cop proceeds to take the Black man into the mall for questioning.

Watch the video and definitely click here for the full story.  It’s just…unbelievable. What is really going on!?


6 thoughts on ““Seattle Mall Cop Pepper Sprays Innocent Black Male Passerby at Protest”

  1. Whoa! That makes me hot. security gets called out for a white guy and they pepper spray the black guy BEFORE even trying to understand the situation from the individuals who actually called for help. Then after repeatedly being told by onlookers that he has the wrong guy proceeds to handcuff that guy and take him in the mall. Meanwhile the white guy could have shot everyone outside before they WOKE UP! Grrrr! I would file assault charges and get a good lawyer so that this never happens again. Police and security no longer pause to assess the situation, they take physical force first.

    • I was heated watching too. I couldn’t believe that cop was ignoring everyone and insisting on detaining that guy. Absolutely unbelievable. All the while, the guy causing the issue goes free to continue to do whatever he was doing. Ugh disgusted.

  2. I’m also mad that the police officer was yelling at the protesters to let the mall cop do his job without even trying to asses the situation. I guess if the mall cop had the guy on the ground in a head lock, he’d want him to continue doing his job? No. The police officer would have probably joined in to help the mall cop with a knee in the back. This is insane. the mall cop was NOT doing his job. He was horribly failing at it and it’s sad that the police officer didn’t know any better or just didn’t care.

    • It was just unbelievable to watch. And on top of that, the white guy that was causing all the problems was just left there to continue his rabble-rousing! Ridiculous!

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