The Hater Generation

“You can hate me now.. but I won’t stop now..” –P.Diddy (“Hate Me Now”, Nas ft P. Diddy)

Yesterday, I discussed our obsession with obsessing about people and things, mainly celebs and TV shows. Continuing on that line of thinking, I wanted to talk about what happens when we create these obsessions.

Oh boy! Here we go!

I’m going to talk about the one person (these days) that I think people get really, really, REALLY riled up if you say anything, and I mean ANYTHING, negative about:


*DISCLAIMER* – I’m not a fan. *gasp* And I don’t care what she does or doesn’t do. But, before anyone gets worked up, remember, Beyonce is a human being. No, really, she’s just a human. Contrary to popular belief, she’s not even remotely close to being Jesus (people who call her “Beysus” with any sort of seriousness need to find the actual Jesus Christ). She’s just a woman, that has chosen to be a singer and entertain people. And while many people think she is amazing at what she does, there are those that do not. And that’s OKAY. Life will go on. Trust me. 

It’s fascinating how some people get downright offended if you say anything “bad” about Beyonce. For example:

Person A: “Yeah, I’m not really a fan of Beyonce.”

Person B:
 (*thinks they heard* Yeah, your mother is a slut!”)
“WHAT?! How can you not like Beyonce!?!?! She’s the greatest singer EVERRRRRR!”

Seriously, if you say you don’t like Beyonce, some people think you called their mother a slut. Crazy.

And I’ll bring up another example, so as to not seem like I’m hating on Beyonce. The TV show, Scandal. I do not watch Scandal (anymore). *gasp*  I know! I’m going 2-for-2 today, right?! 

Honestly, I don’t know which group is worse, the “Beyhive” or the “Gladiators” (LOL… these names.. I’m sorry…continue, continue) when it comes to the sheer rage that fills the air when one mentions not liking either of the above.

[Ok, for the record, I think these group names, for any show or celeb, are absolutely ridiculous. That’s where I draw the line. Folks, you can call me a hater for this one. I’ll take one for the team. lol]

So, what’s up with folks these days? Well, allow me to discuss what I’d like to call the “Hater Generation” (or Generation Hate, if ya nasty).

Do we all know what a “hater” is? Yes? No? Ok, let’s take a look at the end-all, be-all voice* of everything slang, Urban Dictionary:


1. A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

2. Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual.

*lots of sarcasm there

I’ve bolded the second definition because this is the one that I’d like to discuss, as it seems to apply to many situations.

Folks, when did we get this way? When did so-called negative thoughts or opinions become “hating”? And why do we use it so freely? Surely, not everyone is hating on a person or thing if the view is not similar to others, right?

I blame the millennials! Haha, no no, I’m kidding. *whispers* Sorta. No no, I don’t blame you guys. BUT, I find that many, not all, but many millenials tend to be the main ones perpetuating this idea that negative opinions equals hate/hating. From what I’ve experienced, most people from my generation or earlier, think that a difference of thought/opinion is just that: a difference of opinion! Although, I will note that I have some friends that may share the same ideas of the Hater Generation. I shall not name names. 🙂  But tsk, tsk. Ya’ll know better! 🙂

Folks, the Hater Generation is ruining our abilities to have genuine discussions and debates about everything, particularly pop culture. Seriously, how many times have you wanted to say that you weren’t fond of a certain celebrity, show, sports team, style of dress, etc, etc, only to stop yourself because you didn’t want to be called/labeled a hater, or come across as negative? I know! We’ve all been there. Hell, I’m not going to lie. It has taken me a loooong time to even WRITE the words, “I’m not a fan of Beyonce” on my own freakin’ blog! A place where I can say whatever the hell I want because guess what? It’s MY BLOG! But yes, I have feared that I will be called a hater and told that I’m drinking the delicious, yet very fictional juice called “Hater-ade”. Gosh, we sure do know how to use the word hate, don’t we?

It’s a shame that, if we don’t jump on the bandwagon and like the same things as others, we are deemed negative, jealous and host of other things that aren’t true. How ridiculous is that? Do we not have our own minds? Our own thoughts? Last time I checked, we did and that’s what makes us all awesome. But according to Hater Generation, we must all get in line and like the same popular things. Well to that I say, “NEVERRRR!!!”

In short, get a grip folks of Hater Generation. Not everyone hates on things. But in true Hater Generation fashion, I’ll be called a hater for this post. In which case, refer to my opening quote. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Hater Generation

  1. History repeats itself. Many feel Beyonce is the best singer ever, but I know some female singers that could give her a run for her money in their time. So, I’m not too impressed. They too were called great singers…without the hyper-sexual side show.

    Whitney Houston
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Lena Horne
    Sarah Vaughan
    Natalie Cole
    Rachelle Ferrelle
    Nancy Wilson
    Dinah Washington
    Stephanie Mills
    Teena Marie

    I’ve bee accused of hating too. When people get hype about today’s hip hop R&B artists and call them geniuses, I scoff when I remember the greats who laid the foundation of the music produced today such as Duke Ellington and Quincy Jones. I’ll even throw in Michael Jackson. For all his weirdness and quirkiness he helped to transform R&B music and music videos. A lot of successful artists today are standing on the shoulders of giants. Not to take away from their talents, but record sales don’t make one great. Anyone can sell records. The question is, will anyone be able to stand on their shoulders?

    I’ve heard beautiful voices bellowed from people that will never record a CD. I’ve seen amazing piano players that will never go on tour. They are not supported by multimillion dollar marketing machines or record producers. But they make beautiful music all the same. 🙂 Beyonce? Greatest singer ever? Ever been to an opera? 🙂

    I question our measure of greatness when we make people like Honey Boo Boo stars. Perhaps I’m a tad old fashioned. 🙂

    • Everything you said, I totally agree with John. My husband and I talk all the time about how music, specifically R&B is so different. It’s not about whether someone has a beautiful voice, it’s about what’s behind the voice. Is the beat hot? Is the singer very attractive and wearing very little clothing? If you have all of those things, it’s probably going to be a hit. Gone are the times where singers are revered for their singing. I feel like most of these popular singers don’t even sing any more. Hip-hop is such a heavy influence in “R&B” today, that most singers tend to sound choppy…they’re practically rapping to the beat instead of singing. And don’t get me started on the lyrics! Like you said, there were be plenty of amazing singers out there that will never record a CD. And the ones that have, well, they most likely won’t gain the kind of popularity that these others have.

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