Let’s Talk Fitness!

“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness” –Fergie (“Fergalicious”, Fergie)

So, let’s shift our conversations back to my favorite topic: ME! *lol* #ImSoVain #justkidding #sorta 🙂

I’ve recently gotten back into a fitness and clean(er) eating routine, so I thought I’d share some deets about it. Today, I’ll talk about fitness.

When it comes to working out, I used to be that person that went strong for a few months and then gave up because [insert many reasons here]. I remember back in college, my friend was taking this physical training class where she had to train someone for the semester. She asked me if I’d do it. I wanted to get into shape, but boy was I la-zy! Anyway, I said yes and it ended up being pretty awesome. It got me into a great workout routine. After she finished training me, I kept working out. Unfortunately, I got a pretty nasty cold (maybe it was the flu, can’t remember) and I was out of commission for more than a week. By the time I was over my illness, I was also over working out. #wompwomp

The above story pretty much reflects my workout habit for years! I’d get motivated, I’d get into a routine and then something would happen that would make me stop…forever. *lol*

Fast allll the way forward to my wedding.

After we got engaged, I was determined to workout like a beast! I put in 4-5 days of solid cardio and lifting. I think it paid off:


Look at my arms!!!! As the kids say, “yassssss”!!

Then, after the wedding, my friend asked if I wanted to do INSANITY with her and some other friends. I accepted. You see, I had attempted this before and failed miserably!! Mainly because our previous apartment was not conducive to such an activity. We didn’t have much room and we had NO air conditioning in our living room. Oh, did I mention that we began the program in the summer? If you don’t know, summers in NYC can be crazy hot and humid. The kid here could not handle that kind of activity with just a ceiling fan. Not happening.

But this second attempt was better, since we started in the spring. I made it through, but barely. I completed seven of the eight weeks! Go me! The last week though, I fell apart. My knees gave out. If you don’t know, Insanity has a LOT of jumping. A LOT. My knees just finally said, “Hey girl. We can’t. Sorry.” And then, the weather got real. Real hot, that is. The last week of the program, it was 95+ degrees just about every day. Remember, we had no a/c. So, when it was 90-something outside, inside it was on HELL. I swear the devil himself was sitting in my living room, talking about, “Girl, you are crazy! But keep it up because this surrrre is funny watching you try to workout in this 100 degree apartment!” Yeah, it was awful. So I just chalked that last week up as a loss. I was happy though, that I had gotten that far with the program. I didn’t see it at first, but I did lose some weight (click pic for bigger view). In the pink sports bra/blue shorts, that’s from July 2012. In the pic below it, that’s from May 2013. The middle pic is from June 2013 and the pic on the right is July 2013 when I finished.








Would I do Insanity again! Absolutely NOT!! I made it through, but hated (yes, that’s a strong word, but I mean it) every minute of it. Would I recommend it? Hmm. Yes and no. If you want to know my thoughts, hit me up in the comments or on Facebook. 

What am I doing now?

Now, I’m currently doing a strength-only program. I’ve been reading about a variety of fitness programs and decided to take a deeper look at what fitness models do. What’s a fitness model? Umm, they model fitness things?? I don’t know *lol* All I know is, they look like her:


Now, I’m not trying to look exactly like that!! That requires waaaaay more dedication than I could ever commit to doing. *lol* Sorry, I’m just being real. I would, however, like to be fit. And upon reading up on how these ladies train, I do feel inspired to lift more.  For many years, I’ve focused my attention on more cardio specific workouts. I’ll be honest, I do not enjoy cardio. Seriously, cardio saddens me. I don’t like jumping up and down, or anything related to most cardio programs/dvds. I don’t enjoy running (I’ll jog. But running? No. Hurts my knees). I like the exercise bike, but only for about 10 minutes. Ellipticals? They’re ok. They get boring though. Ideally, I’d like to do cardio in the form of an actual activity. I wish I lived in place where I could hike. THAT would be awesome! Essentially, I would like to workout without working out. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I also want to get into a habit of working out. Or rather, what I’d like to call “moving daily”. These past few months, I’ve been looking for things to do that I thoroughly enjoy, which is the key to forming a habit with fitness. Because, what happens when you don’t like something? You’ll usually end up quitting. That’s what I did. We’ve all done it.

I’m on week three of the program and so far I’m feeling really good! I love lifting weights! It’s an amazing feeling for me to be able to lift heavier and heavier each time. Also, from past experience, I see results pretty fast. That’s an awesome motivator!

I’ll end right here, but in the next post, I’ll give some of my tips about working out. Then, I’ll talk about FOOD!! 🙂



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