Speaking of Obsessions…

I was talking about the obsession fascination about weed in my last post and I started thinking about how I’m really not the obsessive type. Perhaps that’s a strong word, but it’s the best word for now. Actually, I think it’s a word people use quite a bit these days.

Growing up, there were a lot of people and things I really liked/loved. During my h.s. and college years, I remember getting more into music and liking a variety of artists. But, I don’t really remember any from that time period that I was obsessed with. I’m a big Mariah Carey fan, but I was also a huge fan of a variety of other artists. I also had some favorite TV shows and I think the only shows that I might’ve come close to being “obsessed” with were The Cosby Show and A Different World.

These days, it seems like people are so obsessed with their favorite celebrities and TV shows. It’s kinda frightening. *lol* Where did this behavior come from? If you read the comments about a celeb or show on any social media outlet, it’s amazing how people express their love for these said things. Sure, I’ve been known to say something like, “Oh my gawd, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter!!” But, guess what? I’m not literally obsessed. I really enjoy HP. But obsessed? Nah. Why? Umm, becaaaause… it’s NOT REAL!! 🙂

Perhaps we can blame social media for this madness! I suppose social media has people feeling more connected to their fav show/musician/celeb, since many celebs and networks are also on social media. Or maybe it’s because people can talk to other adoring fans via social media and flip out together?? I don’t know reason, but all I can say is that it’s annoying. I just feel like it’s too much at times. It feels like people put things/people on a pedestal. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’m not saying we can’t have strong adoration for a TV show or a famous person. Please, by all means, follow them on Twitter and ‘Like’ their Facebook page, watch their shows, see them in concert, etc, etc.

But folks need to remember these shows/characters are FICTION. And these celebs are NOT your friends. I know, we all know this, but some people … well, they need to be reminded. 🙂

Tomorrow’s blog: “The Hater Generation”.




3 thoughts on “Speaking of Obsessions…

  1. John says:

    I believe the obsession is an escape from the ordinary drudgery of life. Much like drug addiction which suspends reality for a brief moment, So does the “public” lives of celebrities. The life of a celeb is so much more interesting than our own lives; good or bad. Some people tend to insert themselves psychologically into that celebrity lifestyle. And the more they obsess about it, the more they feel a part of it. Which lessens the pain of their own uneventful lives. They do feel like they know their favorite celebs more intimately as perhaps an acquaintance.

    I was never caught up into fandom. Like you, I enjoyed being entertained by artists and even wished I was in their place at times. But as I got older and I look at what it takes to live that lifestyle, I’m not so sure it is as glamorous as I thought it was. I like my normal private life. 🙂 You’re traveling all the time. Cameras are constantly in your face. You can never go out in public without people gathering around you or crowding you. I like the freedom to move around and have people ignore me. 🙂 But I’m an introvert, so that may not apply to someone who needs to be around people.

    I can’t waste time in other peoples’ business because I am too busy making a life of my own. I think some people need to step back and spend the precious time they have on this earth making their own lives interesting with the resources and talents given to them. I think YouTube and social media has provided the opportunity to some degree. People can become their own YouTube celebrities without too much effort.

    1. Tray B. says:

      Agree with everything you’ve said, John. It really saddens me when I see adults get so wrapped up in a celeb or tv show, as if they know the people involved personally. I’m going to talk about this in the next blog, but I feel this obsession has led to the infamous word “hater” being tossed around. I really despise that word and so many of these obsessed people use it frequently if you don’t share the same hardcore enthusiasm for a particular person or thing.

      I’m an introvert at heart too, so I share your same passion for moving around freely without people noticing. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! I enjoy your perspective on things 🙂

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