What’s So Great About Marijuana?

I was over on “the tweety” aka Twitter, talking about my disdain for the smell of marijuana. I’m going to be real here. I’ve NEVER smoked weed before in my life. Never. Ever. Why?

It smells DISGUSTING!! Like, it makes me wanna ralph. It is that bad. I can’t even imagine inhaling that. #grossedout

It’s become so routine/commonplace now, that whenever we go to concerts, someone HAS to spark it up. I mean, really!?! It is beyond annoying.

And I think it’s funny when the weed smokers I know say cigarette smoking is worse. Meaning, the long term effects of cigarette smoking versus weed. Um, well, there may not be any cancer related risks with smoking weed. But it still alters the mind and that is a problem. Just like alcohol, it wouldn’t be safe for someone high on weed to go out and say, ohh drive a car! Although, one might argue that the person would be feeling too relaxed/lazy to even attempt a dumb move like that.

I just don’t get the fascination. It’s in the media every day. I don’t want to see it legalized. Again, I don’t see the big deal about its greatness. But at this point, I wish they would make it legal because I’m tired of talking about it!

When are we going to start talking about our education system? How about we talk about that every day since it seems like we continue to fail as a nation on that front. #juststatingfacts



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